Nawazuddin Siddiqui speaks up after claiming to have maintained a dignified silence towards his wife’s accusations against him. His wife, Aaliya Siddiqui, accused him of throwing her and their children out of the house. The reputed actor finally reacts to his estranged wife’s viral video and denies all said accusations.

Siddiqui took to Instagram to make his side known. He confirms that “this is not an allegation” but a medium to express his emotions. He reiterates that he and his wife have been separated for several years now but had a cordial and understanding relationship for the sake of their children. He states that he has been termed as a bad guy when he is anything but.

Why Did Nawazuddin Siddiqui Speak Up Now?

The motive of Siddiqui’s retaliation days after his ex-wife’s first allegation came into question. The actor justifies his silence by saying that he did not want to create undue stress for his children. He wants to keep his children away from such “tamasha” as they are too young to process and understand what is going on.

Nonetheless, he has spoken up now as he could not further withstand his “character assassination on the basis of one-sided & manipulated videos.”

What Did He Say?

Siddiqui reiterates that he did not kick his children out of the house. He wasn’t even at home when the alleged incident took place. He questions the lack of video evidence of this incident when she has the habit of capturing random moments. He adds that his ex was the one who had abandoned the kids in Dubai for the last four months.

He says that he has been providing his ex and children’s monetary support, in addition to sponsoring her luxurious cars, an apartment in Versova, and financing three films for her to generate a stream of income. He did all this just because she is the mother of his children.

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He further states that she has dragged his children into the entire fiasco to blackmail him and malign his reputation, only to “fulfill her illegitimate demands.”

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