The hustle culture is a very debated upon topic, the very core of it, along with who can indulge in it, should one indulge in it, how healthy this culture really is, the psychological and emotional impact it can have on the people who are a part of it and even those who are not.

There are a lot of topics constantly raised around it, one perhaps one of the biggest one is how certain hustles are only doable by people coming from a slightly privileged sector.

A Twitter user @Sherinapoyyail, a journalist by her bio, posted on her account a screenshot of influencer Masoom Minawala’s LinkedIn post. The tweet raised this issue itself, on how most of the times, it is mainly the rich kids with powerful or financially well-off families who can afford to indulge in this hustle culture without really thinking of the consequences.

The LinkedIn post read,

  • “I wasn’t academically inclined,

  • I didn’t score very well in school or college,

  • I dropped out of a diploma

Yet, today, I’m an entrepreneur, leading a team of 15+ and have had the opportunity of turning my passion into my business.

Do you know how I did that without academic inclination or achievements?

  • With skill

  • With determination,

  • With passion and zeal to work

So let this serve as a reminder that everyone has different learning styles and academic achievements aren’t the only dictators of your success in life.”

In the tweet, Sherina accused that Minawala’s jeweler background along with them not paying their interns could be the reason that her business is able to ‘thrive’ like this. Currently there is not any report or source on how accurate this statement is though, on whether interns in her company are getting paid or not.

A lot of people reacted to this original post, adding their own cents to it and how this is usual privileged talk.

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While not entirely dismissing the hard work of Minawala, one also cannot deny that her wealthy background probably allowed her the space and resources to explore various avenues even if they seemed not very profitable.

Unlike the regular average person for whom earning a living is the most important thing and they have to take whatever they are able to get in order to survive.

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