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When I login to Instagram or Facebook, I don’t stay online for long.

Want to know why?

I get MAJORLY turned off by these ‘social media influencers.’

Why they’re annoying

Don’t get me wrong, if they’re known for putting up interesting posts, like Clemmie and Simon Hooper, or if they make funny videos, like Markian, I love reading and watching their posts.

However, there are *certain* influencers who regularly share endorsements and do self-promotion rather than putting out more interesting content.

Beauty bloggers are the WORST

I find beauty bloggers especially annoying.

Ok, I’m not into makeup, but they post makeup videos and beauty tips which cater to those interested. No issues with that.

However, they’re alllll about brands, brands, brands. Be it constantly putting up annoying posts endorsing products that no one can afford anyway, or going on and on about the clothes from a certain store, it becomes a major bore.

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Other annoying traits

Here are some more annoying things that influencers do:

Tagging their clothes brands: Like seriously? We get it. You’re a celebrity and big brands dress you. Can we move on now?

Tagging their accessories: Refer point above.

Letting brand endorsements take over actual content: I came online to watch interesting videos or read an interesting post. If I wanted to see ads, I needn’t have bothered.

Getting self obsessed: After a while, Every. Single. Post. becomes some irrelevant detail of their personal life. A selfie from a certain angle, posting about where they’re eating, etc. The self promotion becomes kind of excessive. As a viewer, I’m searching more for interesting content than continuous self promotion.

Do you have any more grouches when it comes to online influencers? If so, comment below.

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