Influencers have been gaining importance in recent times and are helping businesses to flourish. Be it cosmetic brands, automobile brands, technology brands, and more, all are making use of “influencer marketing”. 

However, in doing this, businesses forget that sometimes they ask an influencer to promote a product that is out of their niche. For example, a beauty influencer asked to promote a car. 

Similarly, now influencers are being called to imminent institutes like IIT even though they have no connection to it. Let’s delve into why this is happening. But before that, let us take a look at who the influencers are. 

Influencers and Influencer Marketing 

An influencer is a person who is able to influence people with their thoughts, ideas, purchasing powers. People accept these influencers and get influenced by them, hence, purchasing what they use or promote. 

Every influencer has his/her particular niche through which they attract people of similar mindset. For instance, a beauty influencer will attract those interested in makeup and skincare; a tech influencer will attract those keen about technology; and a lifestyle influencer will attract people attracted to lifestyle. 

The term ‘influencers’ started gaining importance in recent times as social media started growing. Many believe that “influencer business” isn’t very profitable. However, the reality is opposite.

When an influencer has a good number of people as their followers, brands reach out to them to make their products available to a larger audience, and through this influencers earn income and businesses get reach. 

When people realize how influential a person is, they are made to do other things as well. A classic example of this is Prajakta Koli, an influencer and now an actor. She was seen in Jug Jug Jiyo and her role was applauded by many. 

Influencers Being Called To IIT

Recently, Tarini Shah, Anushka Sen, Apoorva (famously known on Instagram as Rebel Kid) were called to IIT at different intervals. 

Anushka Sen, an actress with more than 39 million followers, was seen at IIT Bombay as a motivational speaker, however, people were quick to point out how she wasn’t a good choice. Netizens said that any IITian could have been a better choice than her. 

Anushka Sen at IIT Bombay

A user remarked, “This is seriously insulting towards students of IIT and many high degree holders.” Another wrote, “Indian education system at its Apogee of stupidity.” 

Another user said, “Blame toes to whatever organization from IIT Bombay who decided to call her as a motivational speaker. She might be successful in her career, but IIT Bombay needed speakers relevant to the fields of students there.

Students there have already passed through the harsh JEE advanced experience, I can relate to their struggles considering I was once in the same situation. Although reservations are there, the competition is tough. And inviting someone like Anushka Sen is clearly a slap on the face.” 

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Apoorva aka The Rebel Kid, who is famous for making funny videos on Instagram, was also invited to IIT Indore. This also didn’t go down well with the netizens.

A user wrote, “What do they talk about after going there? A speech is usually for inspiration, no?” While another wrote, “What is she going to talk about? How NOT to abuse on social media?” 

Apoorva at IIT Indore

One more user wrote, “Students rub their ass off and study hard to reach IIT and they call such influencers who pretty much are bad influences ..Like call someone worth the invite or at least relevant.”

The idea of influencers being invited to IIT wasn’t welcomed by netizens. They felt that calling a past IITian or someone from their own field would have been more relevant. 

Why Do Businesses Need Influencers?  

Influencers help the brand reach a new set of audiences as through this businesses can unlock new demographics. Another reason why influencer marketing is flourishing is because consumers tend to trust their peers. Thus, if they see someone they religiously follow using a product or service, they too tend to use that particular product or service.  

Through influencers, businesses get to learn what their audience needs and how they can make it available to their audience. This perspective of the influencer, along with the reaction of the customers, becomes a powerful feedback mechanism for any business. 

Also, since influencers target a particular niche, this helps businesses in targeting a particular niche. When a beauty influencer collaborates with a beauty influencer, businesses are able to reach their products and services to their particular target audience. 

However, in case a brand reaches out to an influencer outside their niche, then this can backfire. How can a car brand benefit if they collaborate with a beauty influencer? Chances are very less because the audience isn’t attracted to what their brand promotes. 

The same thing happened with influencers being called to IIT. Had these same influencers been called to a fashion institute, people would have lauded them and the students also get to learn a lot. 

IIT should have called an IITian or some other expert from their field so that it can give an exposure to the students and provide reach to the institute. 

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