What comes to your mind when I say YOLO?

Probably something very positive and happy, living your dreams, going about your life in a more fulfilling manner and so on.

However, there are I believe, certain dark sides to this entire YOLO mentality that only a few have really tried to get into.

Most of the times when I hear someone refer to YOLO, which essentially means ‘you only live once’ people are talking about completing their bucket lists, finally quitting that horrible job or marriage they had been stuck in, standing up to their longtime bully, but why don’t people also take a look at the dark side of YOLO that comes along with it.

Kaalakaandi, the upcoming dark comedy I think gives the entire concept of YOLO a more twisted look that we have not really seen before.

Why Kaalakaandi Gives A Dark Twist To YOLO?

Let me just clarify that all this is based off just my own observations from the trailers and any clips I have seen.

From what I have seen, the first example of YOLO that comes up would be Saif’s character who upon learning of his stomach cancer, just says ‘screw it’ and goes all out in trying out everything he had been depriving himself of and more.

I also saw Deepak Dobriyal’s character, apparently some small-time goon that has ambitions of making it big in the criminal world. And then we have Kunal Roy Kapoor who seems to be taking a leap of faith and going after what he wants with the girl he likes.

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All three characters seem to have caught onto some form of YOLO mentality and leaving their inhibitions behind are going after what they want.

This is exactly where the dark twist to this concept comes that takes a look at how even YOLO-ing your way around life is not the safest or best thing to do.

Saif’s character when realizing that his end is closer than he thought, does a 180 from the straight-laced guy he had been to someone who dances crazily at a wedding, takes drugs, and ends up in a washroom with a stripper.

This is extremely relatable to the current generation that keeps waiting for that perfect time to actually live their life. This character could be an example of how you must not hold yourself back but at the same time not let go in such a manner too.

The lunatic spiral that Saif’s character shows or the ambitious craze that Dobriyal’s character presents all seem to shed light on the more negative aspects of YOLO that many seem to overlook.

The director seems to be trying to translate onscreen on how people without truly understanding what YOLO means take it to levels that sometimes affect the lives of the people around them and not always in a positive manner.

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