Face masks have become a necessity thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do face masks protect us, they have also become a fashion statement.

People step out of their houses with masks on their faces that complement their outfits along with constraining the virus. With the urgency of the need of face masks, businesses are trying their best to merge creativity with safekeeping. 

A few days back, an Italian designer invented “Trikini: a bikini with a matching, waterproof face mask” to allow people to enjoy summer activities amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

All types of masks are now available in the market, from surgical masks to pretty floral masks. Now, a new line of mask business has garnered interest in the world. 

Recently, the Japanese have come up with an anomalous idea. They have created “smart masks” called C-masks, which can help you talk in eight unique languages, and have various other features.

Social Distancing Made Easier

A Japan-based start-up named Donut Robotics has recently created a smart mask, a high-tech upgrade to usual face masks. They are specially designed to make communication easier and social distancing endurable.

Donut Robotics came up with the idea after creating their translation software for a robot called Cinnamon. The robot was a part of an initiative to offer live translation and speech services to the visitors at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

But Cinnamon’s development got adjourned due to the pandemic. So the team decided to adapt its software to develop a smart face mask that would sell well in the current situation.

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The C-mask offers various unique features such as live speech translation and smartphone connectivity. In conjunction with an app, it can transcribe dictation, translate speech into eight different languages, and can also amplify the user’s voice.

The mask can translate between Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, and English.

Unfortunately, the smart mask is not capable of providing protection against the coronavirus since there are small holes on the front that are crucial for breathability. However, its design allows the wearer to wear a normal face mask beneath the C-mask.

The smart mask has an embedded microphone that connects the wearer’s mask to his smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone can be connected up to 10 meters (32 feet) away by the mask’s Bluetooth chip.

A Widely Spread Market

Face masks were commonly used in Japan even before the pandemic but now their market has spread across the world. 

The smart C-mask will be revealed in Japan with 5,000 to 10,000 masks available by December and will cost around 3980 Yen (Rs. 2800).

Initially, the company has decided to sell the mask in the USA, China, and Europe. And in the future, Donut Robotics aims to add more advanced aspects as well as virtual reality features to the smart mask.

Donut Robotics CEO, Taisuke Ono said, “We still have many situations where we have to meet in person. In this new normal, the mask and the app are very helpful.

This innovation has the potential to make social distancing norms easier with good communication in places like hospitals, offices, and in meetings. With the expanding market, we may be able to see more innovations and creativity like C-face smart masks.

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