For the control of COVID-19, World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its guidelines on the use of masks. Based on its research, WHO has made some important recommendations regarding the masks that people use.

Along with masks, it has also advised the government on enforcing certain precautionary methods.

Let’s take a look at them:

Clinical Masks For All


To prevent transmission, WHO has advised usage of masks for all people working in a clinical area of a health care facility. Along with doctors and nurses dealing with patients of COVID-19, other staff members of the health care facility are asked to wear a mask at all times.

Masks In Situations Where Physical Distancing Is Not Possible

In areas with community transmission and in situations where maintaining physical distancing is not possible, WHO advises the use of a proper mask at all times. People with underlying conditions and those who are aged above 60 are asked to take special precautions.

Government To Encourage The Usage Of Masks By General Public

To prevent community transmission, WHO has asked the authorities and government to encourage the usage of masks by the general public.

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Upgraded Mask Composition

3 Layered Mask

Based on academic research requested by WHO, it has upgraded the composition of the recommended fabric mask. The recommendation suggests that a fabric mask should have at least 3 layers, with each layer being made with a different material.

Masks Cannot Replace Safety Measures

Although WHO has recommended and updated pieces of information regarding mask usage from time to time, it has stressed on physical distancing as a primary precautionary measure.

Even with all that, WHO has warned that it cannot be the replacement to other safety measures like physical distancing, personal hygiene, usage of soap and sanitizer.

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Sources: WHOCNNBBC, LA Times

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