Bad days – they just happen to you!

We all know that life may be difficult at times, whether it be a failed job interview, a broken coffee maker (when you are sleep deprived), missing a deadline or all of it, at once. Oh boy!

Sorry, we can’t make your daily, long commute or your annoying boss go away, but we do have some quirky ideas for brightening your day –

1) Think of your best version of you! 

Let’s face it, none of us always act precisely how we would like to. However, even when there are still many miles between us and our “ideal” selves—calm, confident, and movin’ like Jagger—imagining them might help us feel better.

2) Smell specific fragrances

Stroke your olfactory lobe. Orange (or essential orange oil) or lavender aromas help ease tension and elevate mood. Studies say that certain smells can trigger really happy memories and make you feel good.

3) A small victory is a victory. Period.

Even minor victories might have significant mood benefits. You’ll soon be revelling in the joy of success, whether you successfully toss a crumpled ball of paper into the trash can in Michael Jordan fashion, triumph in a game of solitaire, or pick up a pencil off the floor with only your toes.

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4) Listen to Barney. Suit up!

Speaking of clothing, getting new clothes can improve mood, but wearing new clothes doesn’t have to cost money to get these advantages. You may find the pick-me-up you needed by wearing red, which may increase self-esteem and confidence.

5) Re-watch an episode of your favourite TV series 

Well, for some of us comfort seems to be a lovely idea. Re-watching the episode might trigger happy memories – plus there is no anxiety anymore! You already know the end.

6) Hop around

Jumping jacks, the jump rope, or general thrashing around can quickly release happy-making endorphins (hey, no judgement here). Force your brain to produce the happy chemical. Yes, that’s how desperate you gotta be at times.

7) Look at flowers, maybe gift yourself a bunch!

According to studies, flowers increase mood instantly and for a long time. Additionally, they can increase our productivity.

8) Get a new perspective

Positivity and awe may be fostered to create a good mindset. It is normal, you can feel stuck.

For a more upbeat perspective on the world, look around for little miracles (a butterfly, a good deed, anything lovely), or visit websites like Happy News, Good News Network, and Daily Good.

9) Let yourself be distracted

Take a little break from your troubles and focus on something unimportant, like folding clothes or doing the dishes. The repeating motions of these daily tasks, such as the scent of clean linen, the feeling of washing hands, and the muck of previous meals dissipating down the drain, can help us focus on the present now.

10) Get sunkissed

A vitamin D boost helps stave off the blues. Step outside and do a quick lap around the block. If that’s not possible, spend some time sitting next to a window (and ignore work, haha, kidding).

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