Watch: 6 Scariest Places In India

If adrenaline is overflowing in your veins, and you are eager for a challenging scary adventure, a few places in India are perfectly suited for you. From carefully locked away forts to spooky misty forest woods, the scariest places in India are waiting for the footfall of humans like you.

Usually, tourism in these famed haunted places takes place in winter. At that time ghost hunters are excited to encounter something unexpected in cold and dingy places.

Vineet Grover, a travel agent, said, “Most spooky films have a winter setting and people can’t get enough of these places in the cold months. Every year, this time in winters, there is a considerable demand, almost a 15%, increase in the number of tourists searching and wanting to visit these places.

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In the famed dark corridors of Bhangarh fort and in the seemingly normal vacation atmosphere at Dumas beach, troubled spirits or friendlier ones are waiting to disturb your sleep. Also get ready to meet the headless schoolboy in the woods of Dow Hill, Kurseong, or the lady in a white dress at Delhi Cantonment.

Get set to explore 6 of the scariest places in India, which are shrouded with mystery and steeped in old tragedies. Locals may advise you against visiting some places, and if you are still ready to brave seeing self-moving chairs and unwarranted whispers, then try your luck.

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