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Indian families are conservative and refrain from bringing up anything inappropriate. God forbid, if such a situation arises, everybody has their own funny way to deal with it. 

 We have all had that one awkward moment while watching TV with our parents when something inappropriate comes up. The air is filled with tension and everybody pretends to suddenly do something else until the moment passes by. Small talks and ‘searching for the remote’ are famous tricks to avoid the uncomfortable situation. 

We decided to ask few people about their experience –

What is the most embarrassing thing you regret watching with your parents?

Sex is off the table! Indian parents will deny the existence of any sexual activity on planet earth. I wonder where did we appear from?

Game Of Thrones is the last thing you would want to see with anyone elder to you, let alone your parents.

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No matter what your age is, you will always remain a naive kid to your parents. They dislike it when their bubble bursts and honestly, reaching the level of comfort zone where you can sit and watch Game Of Thrones with them, seems unachievable. 

Call it generation gap, Indian society, respect for culture, whatever, but the day when our parents sit down and acquaint us to the birds and the bees is still quite distant. 

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