By Paridhi Sehgal

Intelligence is not just about surreal IQ scores. An intelligent person is creative, has independent and non-conformist thinking and can easily adapt to new situations.

We often underestimate our intellectual ability and fear to try out new things and freely speak out our mind. Even the thought of social disapproval disgusts us deeply. When someone points our flaws, our self-negation mode is automatically turned on. Self awareness and self confidence is most important in life – even for highly intelligent people.

Thus, I have prepared a list of signs that reassures you that you are smart and intelligent as well. 

Strong Memory:

Highly intelligent individuals are often able to remember and explain past events and situations with great clarity and conciseness. Their confidence while describing such old memories will often astonish you. They can easily provide you an analysis of what teacher explained in the class yesterday. 

Non – Conformist Thinking:

We as humans have a tendency to get influenced by other people’s opinions and convictions. Intelligent people are different. They have independent and creative thinking. They do not conform to societal norms and are really confident in their approach.

They can see interrelationships and interdependence between two ideas and concepts that you believe are remote to each other.

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High Linguistic Ability:

People with intellect are often expressive and opinionated. They have good command over language to freely and openly express their views on a spectrum of topics like psychology, anthropology, political science, physiography sports, science and technology, etc.

Poor Mental Health:

You will be shocked to know that highly intelligent people you often admire often suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia. They often drive themselves ruthlessly to meet certain idealistic standards.

They are often labeled as ‘perfectionists’ that are intolerant to any flaws and want everything to be just perfect 

Few But Close Circle Of Friends:

Intelligent people are often classified as introverts. They are easily annoyed and irritated by people with irrational or unrealistic views and values. It is difficult to win over their trust and confidence.

They prefer to have a small group of friends that help in meeting their belongingness and social needs. In totality, they have a strong affinity for quality over quantity. 

Thus, being intelligent is not all rainbows and unicorns. People with high intelligence also suffer from everyday hassles. It is their problem solving approach to problems that makes them intelligent. We all can become smart by learning new things from each and every opportunity that we receive in life.

Image Credits: Google Images; HAKINMHAN

Sources: Wikipedia, Business Insider, ThoughtCo

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