It is truly a sad sad day, the passing of one of the few actually good and talented singers in the mainstream Indian entertainment sector.

The death of KK, aka Krishnakumar Kunnath, is nothing short of devastating to me on a personal level and along with me thousands and lakhs of 90s kids who essentially grew up listening to his voice and songs.

While it is still a bit difficult to process the loss of such a gem of an artist, the death that came somewhat abruptly, considering the singer was just 53 years old and hadn’t really had any serious medical condition, at least that we the people knew of, has left a lot of people in shock.

With the shock also comes various speculations on what could have caused it.

Speculations Arise On KK’s Death

On May 31st 2022, Krishnakumar Kunnath, the Indian singer popularly known as KK was found collapsed in his room at the Grand Hotel, Kolkata. He had just come back from a concert held at the Gurudas College in Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha auditorium.

He was quickly taken to the  CMRI hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Since then, several videos, photos and posts have been coming out about the bad management during the concert. One of them being that the auditorium was packed much higher than its capacity.

As per reports, the auditorium could only hold around 2500 people, but the audience size for KK was almost triple, almost 6,000 to 7,000 people were packed in.

According to another report by Republic World, an employee at the venue that the open gates of the venue properly led to the ACs not functioning properly and that there was also some alleged leak of fire extinguisher outside the hall.

As per the report, the worker also stated that all this caused the venue to get extremely overheated, something that can be seen from various videos too. KK is often seen in them going backstage and wiping his sweat, looking very flushed in the face.

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Besides that, several news reports also had the various audience members comment on how the auditorium was so overheated that many of them left the concert well before it ended since they could not bear the heat.

A fan also posted that “Is it just me or he was sweating profusely!”

Another commented that “Maybe if KK didn’t perform last night in that closed and over-crowded auditorium, he would have been still alive today. We could see he was sweating a lot and uncomfortable. Still he had performed for his fans. Because of poor management, we have lost a gem.” 

Yet another fan posted on Twitter “Next time let there be proper working conditions. He performed while sweating profusely. No AC there. People do have heat strokes n cardiac arrests do occur due to dehydration from heat. Also let there be immediate CPR and defib at public places and hotels. Not KK .. safety pls.”

As per the latest reports, the SSKM hospital where the autopsy of the singer was conducted has said that the death was due to ‘myocardial infarction’ or simply heart attack.

According to the preliminary post-mortem report, there was nothing “unnatural as far as death is concerned”.

There doesn’t seem to be any foul play as of yet in his death, but that does not make it any less heartbreaking. The only thing we can do now is make sure that the legend remains alive through his voice and songs.

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