What a fascinating experience it is to travel the world and enjoy every moment. However, it is a fact that some individuals like telling others about their surprising experiences. Interestingly, using a book to communicate their experience is a very different approach to doing so than any other one. Since books create a connection between the author and us, we can visualize all the author intends to impart vividly. Aside from all of this, not everyone chooses to share in this manner because producing a book is hard work, but Bhargav Jariwala took the initiative and translated his passion for mountains into words.

The love for traveling makes Bhargav jariwala a Hodophile. He believes that if you want to discover true nature spirit then the Himalayas are best for you. The spirit of nature will ultimately lift you, once you reach the great Himalayas. He wants to share his love for the Himalayas with others, for him, there are far more things to relish in mountains, rather than just trekking. So he took his paper and pen and noted down all his experiences. Bhargav Jariwala, a writer from Surat, took the effort to include these recollections in the book “You Met Me for a Reason” and made it unforgettable.

“You Met Me For a Reason” is a romantic adventure story, which revolves around the four main characters Rihen, Karan, Naira, and Aaruhi. Guaranteed to you, you will fall in love with this novel. The novel is full of suspense, cozy romantic adventure, and love for nature. However, publishing a book is not an easy task and so is Bhargav jariwala but the breathtaking Himalayan scenery inspired him to do so. He got rejection by at least ten publishers. They all sent his book to him. But despite losing his hopes he decided to self-publish his book, Now that the situation is challenging. But with his constant determination, he finally sold 2000 copies of his book online.


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