If you are also a politically-interested person and a frequent social media user, you must have come across the name Prashant Kishor several times within a couple of days.

The news that he has accepted that BJP will win the assembly elections in Bengal is also doing rounds for quite some time now. Is it true? Has he admitted his defeat? 

What Is Prashant Kishor Doing In Bengal?

Prashant Kishor is one of the best political strategists in India who is credited for some of the whooping political victories this decade has witnessed. And it is his firm, I-PAC, that has been chosen by Mamata Banerjee to help TMC win probably the biggest battle of democracy in 21st century India, the West Bengal Vidhan Sabha elections of 2021. 

What Is The Status Of The Elections Right Now?

Earlier this month, the Election Commission of India had announced that the elections in Bengal would take place in 8 phases between 27 March and 29 April 2021.

Amongst all the other constituencies the most significant is the constituency of Nandigram, which has also become the home ground of the slogan, ‘Khela Hobe’.

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It will also see Mamata Banerjee, the incumbent Chief Minister of West Bengal, battle against a former colleague of hers and now a BJP leader, Suvendu Adhikari, to secure one of the deal-breakers of this election season.

The other prominent candidature from this post has been filed by Minakshi Mukherjee from CPI(M), the party that had won this seat 8 times in toto. 

Nandigram has now become the face of Bengal politics

Why Is The News Of Prashant Kishor Losing The Elections All Over Social Media?

Politics and fake news go hand-in-hand in India. So as soon as the first phase of the election got over, the national party realized that they had not garnished the hot savoring dish of elections with propaganda. 

As a result, a fake survey seemed to have gone viral. It shows an I-PAC survey delineating the chances of TMC losing the Nandigram seat this election season. Reacting to these tweets reposting the photograph of a poll, he said that the picture has no credibility and is as empty as the promises made by BJP. 

I-PAC took to social media to announce that this image was fake

They also jeered at the novicity of this social media post, saying that people at I-PAC do not use a desktop anymore. 

However, this calumniation is not one-sided. BJP leaders have also complained about their false allegations made on the party based on allegedly leaked phone calls as well as a similar report stating that BJP would hardly manage to secure 3-4 seats.

Amit Shah has assured that this would not be the case and that they would create history in Bengal, this time with over 200 seats out of 294. 

Elections in Bengal are about to reach their climax, and as we approach closer to it, the strong forces of information and counter-information would try to brainwash the voters.

Therefore, we have to keep our eyes wide open and check the authenticity of the document before trusting it or forwarding it on any social media platform.

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Sources: The Indian Express, India Today, Times Now

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