Did you know that you can train yourself to sing 2 notes at the same time?

While we all can naturally sustain a single note (if you struggle with that too, you can test yourself for tone-deafness right here), a group of Siberian singers from Tuva trained themselves to sing multiple notes at once.

The human voice is a magical instrument whose mysterious potential is yet to be fully unveiled. According to Ingo Titze, Director of the National Centre for Voice and Speech in Utah, it would be an almost impossible feat to try to create an instrument that can elongate and vibrate exactly like the human vocal chords do.

Over the years, different forms of vocal manipulation have risen and fallen in popularity, like the current trend of vocal percussion or beat-boxing. Most of these forms had been restricted to their countries of origin until globalization offered the opportunity for all to learn and experiment through the gift of the internet.

If you think you can’t sing just because you can’t hit all the notes on the scale, here are a few unusual forms of singing you should try before you make that call –

Unusual forms of singing : Yodelling involves singing while rapidly switching between the high and low pitch registers

It is often associated with the mountainous folk of Switzerland and Austria who used it as a means of communication

Famously used in the song “The Lonely Goatherd” from The Sound of Music

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It is a vocal style used by singers of death metal and other heavy metal styles

Vocalists produce a distinctive, guttural, growling sound that evokes the darker themes that the genre is associated with

This style of vocalisation from Central Asia involves singing more than one note at the same time

It is a difficult technique to master as sound is manipulated in many parts of the throat and mouth

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It is the art of performing rhythmic percussion syllables vocally in Carnatic music

English composer John McLaughlin called it “the most superior system of learning rhythm in the world”

Just like taking up a musical instrument, you will have to put in dedicated hours of practice before you can perfect these tricky and unusual forms of singing. Some of these forms are used in contemporary a capella and so, if you have any a cappella dreams on the bucket list, this just might give you an edge.

Tired of that friend in the group who is everyone’s go-to person on karaoke nights and doesn’t sound like a retarded seal when belting out those high notes? You’ll never have to worry about sharing the spotlight again with these tricks up your sleeve.

Sources: ListverseMentalFloss

Image Credits: Google Images

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