Our life is a gift to us and the right way to live it is to celebrate it to the fullest! 

Now, what I mean by “celebrate it to the fullest” is that every moment, every victory, big or small, must be cherished.

Why Celebrate Small Victories?

Just the way we celebrate birthdays, new beginnings or when we score above 90% in examinations or, it is essential to celebrate the process and small milestones that bring us closer to achieving big goals in life.

How many times have you seen people celebrate when they complete their work on time or do well in school tests or presentations? Rarely, right? It is because we are taught to celebrate only when something huge happens.

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It might sound crazy to you at this moment, but if you celebrate such moments you’ll be proud of yourself and you’ll be motivated to achieve more in life. Let’s take an example.

You have your board exams and you plan to study for 3 hours thrice a day. Wouldn’t that be motivating and encouraging if you celebrate when you work for a week as you had planned?

It will make you feel content and proud of yourself. 

Celebrating moments

What “Celebrate” Means Here? 

A literal meaning of celebrating would mean partying with friends and family, where you cut huge cakes, open bottles of champagne and give them a treat. 

However, in this case, it doesn’t mean the same. Celebrating tiny victories can mean treating yourself to your favourite meal after doing well in the test, writing an encouraging note to yourself when you feel proud or watching a few episodes of your favourite show after having a productive day. 

The idea is to make the most out of special moments without burning a hole in your pocket! And trust me when I say this—after celebrating small moments you’ll be encouraged to do more and accomplish your dreams. 

So, go on and celebrate every moment as it comes.

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