Since time immemorial, mental illness has been considered taboo all over the Indian subcontinent. It has been considered to be a superstitious phenomenon owing to the possession of spirits or atoning for the mistakes of past life and a myriad of vague reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the scientific facts.

Even though in today’s times, mental health is getting 10% attention, a large part of our country is still unaware of its need and importance. Hence, they take to superstitions.

Here are some of the most uncanny and weird superstitions that I’ve come across regarding various mental health disorders:

Giving Up Non-Veg Is the Cure To Depression

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that more than at least half of the population can not survive without chicken. It’s like food for the soul. I won’t even get into the rest of the non-veg items.

So I have a friend who has been diagnosed with clinical depression for over 3 years now. This person has been going to therapy but hasn’t been continuous with it. Hence, their mother decides that if she gives up non-veg then the Lord will have mercy on her child and drive the evil out. 

Uncanny Superstitions Indians Associate With Mental Health
Remember this the next time you want to give up non-veg to cure Depression!

Had that been the case, I’m sure the world would’ve been one big happy place!

Exorcising A Person By Killing A Hen And Drinking Its Blood Cures Depression

In October 2017, there was a case where a 20-year-old boy was forced to kill a hen using his teeth and drink its blood to cure depression. The sinister part of it lies in the fact that it was his own parents who forced him to do so.

The boy was simply depressed owing to frequent and nasty quarrels between his parents. Instead of taking him to a doctor, his parents decided to take him to a “Black Magic Practitioner.”

Uncanny Superstitions Indians Associate With Mental Health
No Karen, it never was!

I wonder what wrong did all the chickens do in this world and why do they have to be sacrificed for the sake of Black Magic!

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Cure To Schizophrenia – Keep Lemon Under Pillow And Mix Sacred Ash With Food

In 2019, a peculiar case study had made it to the news. A schizophrenic woman assumed her husband was having an extramarital affair. So to prevent that she began keeping lemons under her pillow and mixing sacred ash in his coffee.

What is sacred ash? Ash from cremated bodies or cow dung.

When her husband realized what was going on, he took her to see a psychiatrist. And this is exactly what happens if mental illness isn’t treated at the right time.

Uncanny Superstitions Indians Associate With Mental Health
And yet feeding him “Sacred Ash” isn’t the solution sister!

I mean sacred ash? Seriously?

Mental Illness Doesn’t Exist; It Must Be The Cosmos!

Had there been a penny for every time parents took their children to astrologers to “fix” their children, our generation would have put Jeff Bezos to shame.

Anytime you feel you’re not okay mentally or acting out, the answer is the stars must’ve not been good today. Mercury must’ve been in a bad mood and the moon decided to eclipse!

Uncanny Superstitions Indians Associate With Mental Health
God didn’t decide, “Hey. I’m bored. Let’s attack this kid with depression!”

I feel pity for science and I’ll mourn for two minutes about it.

Myths and misconceptions about mental illness contribute to the stigma, which leads many people to be ashamed and prevents them from seeking help. What’s sad is that this is the 21st century we live in and we still don’t take something as grave as mental illness seriously. 

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Sources: India Today, Medical News Today

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