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Do you know what would happen if, God forbid, I cried while ranting in front of some of my friends? One of them would secretly record me on video, while the other would ask me to get over it with the help of some polite cuss words and another would focus on ordering food in the meantime.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t be all ears. Of course, they will patiently listen to me and wouldn’t dare to miss a single word- only to use what I say to make fun of me after I run out of tears and words.

What happens to the video? Well, let’s just say it gets added to my list of ‘viral videos that make me cringe’.

So, now you can imagine why I would dread going to these crazy a**h**** with my problems.

However, I have got to admit that even though they are quite weird, I feel so blessed to have them that I wish everyone had friends like them.

Beauty Of A Friendship That’s Free Of Judgement

Today, millennials judge others at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s someone’s fluency in English, his dressing style, choice of cuisine or his social media game, every aspect comes under radar.

I have seen people do this to those they call their close friends. They hang out together, but can’t accept others for who they are, much less truly like them.

When people are extraordinary in a certain sense, they don’t put on glasses of judgement to see others.

Since they are unusual or weird themselves, they don’t look down on your quirks or crazy habits that may get you labeled as a misfit otherwise.

The more different you are from the mainstream, the more they will appreciate you, for crazy is normal for them. This is what makes friendship with them truly liberating.

The beauty of a friendship that lets you be who you are is unparalleled.

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Figure Out What Not To Do

Sometimes, I do end up asking these friends of mine for advice. Yes, I know they’re not going to give me the sanest advice there is, because each of them has a very different bent of mind which doesn’t necessarily follow the regular train of thought.

However, I still ask them for help because, believe it or not, when they try to genuinely give me solutions, I come to realize things I should not do in a particular situation.

I keep their pearls of wisdom with love, and know well that even though I won’t use them directly, they’d help me cut the clutter and eventually, make room for the right solution.

No Obstacle Is Too Big To Be Overcome

When my weird friends make fun of me, they teach me how to take things with a pinch of salt.

When they make light of my problems and mock me, I try to see the situation from their perspective. As a result, I realize that I worry or fret over small issues disproportionately at times.

Regardless of the kind of solutions they come up with, I know for a fact that they will be there to catch me if I fall, only to drop me after a moment and then burst out laughing.

On a serious note, we have laughed off so many problems together that no obstacle seems daunting and terrifying when they are there with me.

So, on this friendship day, feel grateful for all kinds of friends you have and for the good and bad times you’ve spent together. Cherish the weird ones even more for adding all the fun to your life.

If you don’t have weird friends, maybe you’re the weird friend someone’s looking for.

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