Yaar, Clique jaane se pehele thoda pregame karenge”. A phrase like this is now an entrenched part of the Indian millennial lingo, where students are on a shoe-string budget and and the need to party goes beyond measure.

Pregaming is a common activity that youngsters today have popularly taken to. Drinking before a party later in the night by meeting at a friend’s house is something that we have all done. There’s nothing more fun than walking into a club/event slightly drunk.

The concept is interesting as it has the dichotomy of money-saving and money-spending. While on the one hand we pregame to avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money when we go out, but on the other we do end up spending some amount of money anyway.

Here’s tracing the origin of the concept

What is pregaming?

Pregaming in basic terms is essentially the practice of drinking before a party or an event. It requires getting drunk before making an appearance at various social events.

Most often than not, people pregame before going to fancy clubs or parties. But pre-socializing-drinking can also be done before other events like college games, farewells, movies, weddings and concerts.

Interestingly, pregaming is something that helps you ‘get in the mood’. Whether it’s something you’re looking forward to, or something you’re absolutely dreading, having some of that jungle juice before going out helps the mind relax, either way.

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Pregaming emerged in the USA in the 1990s, when parents demanded that the legal drinking age should be increased. Expensive alcohol and a small budget contributed to the development of the concept.

The basic idea of the activity is to economise on alcohol without having to compromise on partying. It was popularised among college going students.

Going dutch for booze before going out and drinking it in a comfortable, homely environment helps create a buzz before actually going out and spending that unnecessary money.

Getting loaded beforehand is now a full fledged event in itself.


While pregaming helps in ‘loosening you up’ and creating that buzz, it’s not all hunky-dory.

Pregaming has led to serious binge drinking that is not only harmful for health, but also does not guarantee a good outdoor social experience. The extent of drunkenness is often not estimated. It can lead to some unpleasant experiences.

It might have mixed consequences, but it’s certainly an activity that is popular among millennials whether it’s for fun, or for economising their resources.

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