Downing a whole bottle of vodka or wine might be the best idea for a wild party night but deep down we all are familiar with the negative impacts of all the alcohol in our bloodstream.

Like everything in this world, alcohol consumption also has some benefits. I am not saying gulping down 5 bottles of beer is going to make your skin glow and shine; we all are smart enough to know where we will end up after that.

But drinking alcohol in moderate amounts actually does a lot good than harm. Heavy emphasis on MODERATE people. The Mediterranean lifestyle is a good example. Having two-three glasses with lunch or dinner can provide you some benefits like the following ones: –


A little alcohol acts just like a vaccine that boosts your immunity. Any kind of alcohol when taken in small amounts stresses your brain and makes it tougher. It further helps your brain to cope with future stresses like dementia that occur during the course of ageing.

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White wine is a wine that you can resort to if you are aiming to lose some love handles. White wine is easily available and if you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of hard alcohol then you can definitely try this. The antioxidants present in it help you lose fat faster than any other beverage.


To watch a sport’s show or just to enjoy a hot evening during summer are not the only reason to crack open a cold bottle of beer. Beer has a high content of silicon which helps to boost the overall bone density. So next time when you hit a bar, remember that having few swigs of beer help increase your bone density and makes you stronger.


Alcohol consumption surges the production of a chemical that increases insulin sensitivity in our bodies. Therefore, the efficient presence of insulin helps to process the glucose in our blood and convert it into energy. Thus, your small serving of Bloody Mary helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.


Alcohol can help to improve your retention power. Drinking till you black out obviously won’t jog up your memory but a glass or two of red wine probably would. The chemical resveratrol that is found in red grapes helps to improve your cognitive functions and memory. So, next time you are trying to memorise something tell your mom to fetch you a glass of red.


Small amount of alcohol raises the level of good cholesterol in our blood and thus it helps to protect your heart from various heart diseases. It also prevents from formation of blood clots that might block arteries, which is the ultimate reason for heart attack and myocardial infarction.

So, next time you are out with your friends planning to get wasted, I would suggest that you tone the amount down and think of getting a little healthier with those drinks instead of passing out.

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