Guys have a lot of other guys they call bros. But you know what’s almost as cool as having bros?

It is having a female best friend.

For those guys who do not have a girl bestie, you should get one.

However, men see a plethora of different judgmental opinions for being so close with a girl but not dating her. Life is way different when you are a guy and your best friend is a girl. Here’s how.

Neither My Behen, Nor Your Bhabhi

A guy and a girl do not have the need to define their relationship if they are comfortable being best friends. That is their definition of the relationship they have.

Other guys will always find it very strange if you have a female bestie. They will either try to make her your sister or they will tease you calling her bhabhi all the time.

Almost every time I put up a story on Instagram with my best friend’s picture, there will be so many people asking me the same question with a smirk emoji – “What’s going on Som?” These are the same people who hardly care if I exist. But on this occasion, why not. I’m the source of gossip then. 

Absolutely no need of this, but you cannot help your bros behaving this way – they are supposed to screw up your reputation, they have the right to do so.

Your Girlfriend Gets Jealous

Definitely, your girlfriend will get jealous of how well you treat your best friend. If it is a guy, she will not bother a bit. But if it’s a girl, you’re going to receive a stare after she has left, long texts at night, and no more holding hands for a few days.

It’s never all hunky dory with a girlfriend and a female best friend. Your girlfriend will always be suspicious of you. Your text messages also may pass a security check every time you meet your girl.

I spoke once of Sneha, my best friend, in front of my ex. And every single time we met after that, I had to go through that message checking routine. If I replied even a minute late to her texts, she used to assume I was talking to Sneha.

Potential Girlfriends Think You Are Taken

Just imagine the scenario where you are in a cafe, talking to this new girl you find cute, and suddenly your best friend jumps on you from behind, excited as ever to see you.

The impression you make on the new girl is that you’re taken and all you’re left saying is “She’s just a friend!” which she isn’t going to believe.

Many times, I’ve been used as a witness/proof of a guy and girl being just friends because the guy likes some girl but she doesn’t believe that they’re best friends. “Yeah, and it all starts as best friends” – is what they say. 

And, on top of that, if you’re interested in a girl, your best friend will scrutinize the application first and only then you’re allowed to proceed.

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Relatives Shame You

Relatives are people who live like they’re born to shame young guys and girls of the activities they do. You acting naturally with your girl best friend will be a very “touchy” and shameless way for a guy and girl to be, according to your relatives.

The worst part is, that your parents are informed of this, and unless you have already introduced your best friend to them, you’re in serious trouble. Also, teachers at school or college do something very similar.

You Cannot Skip Bathing On Sundays

The starter pack that you are supposed to adhere to if you have a girl best friend is taking a bath regularly, wearing neat clothes, maintaining hygiene to a whole new level, and not burp around her.

If you can handle all this, then you are qualified to have a girl best friend. If you don’t do it, she will find ways to make you do it anyway.

If you are into sports, she will definitely be the biggest fan and cheer for you all throughout the game, but after it, you’re not supposed to touch her and be around her because you stink and you’re dripping in sweat.

I am a basketball player. My best friend likes watching me play. But the time I am done with the game, dripping in sweat, she will disappear like Batman because she does not want me around her in that condition.

But Why Should You Have A Girl Best Friend?

It is absolutely true that life with a girl bestie comes with a ‘conditions apply’ asterisk, but there are reasons why I said you should get one.

That one person who will be your shoulder to cry when you are weak, one person who will support you no matter what and will bear your drama through your breakups, is your girl best friend. Her advise is the best advise you can get.

If someone understands you unlike anyone else, it will be her for sure. You both might fight a lot, but at the end of the day, if someone messes with you, she messes with them in return.

You can drunk call your best friend and there will never be any trouble. The best part? She will try to set you up most of the time. To all the men out there, how cool is that?!

So no matter how many problems you have with your girl best friend due to people around you, you should still probably have one.

Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.   

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