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We are often told in our lives to develop a competitive spirit to succeed. It is said that having a competitive spirit is essential for growth and motivates you to scale greater heights.

But, have you ever thought about the negative implications of being competitive?

Competitiveness Leads To Jealousy

Competitiveness encourages us to become better than others. In a way, it urges us to push our limits and do whatever it takes to win any game. But inadvertently, it also makes us wish for the failure of others.

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We compare ourselves to others all the time and think of ways by which we can surpass others. We become annoyed whenever we fail and vow to perform better than our colleagues next time. This itself creates toxicity within us as we focus on performing better than others rather than improving ourselves and experimenting.

It can also instill a feeling of superiority in us and make us underestimate the efforts of others.

Ruining Relationships And Dissatisfaction

An overly competitive nature can also ruin interpersonal relationships with friends and family, who may find bringing competition in between mutual friendships unpleasant.

Not only for others, always striving to be ahead in life can also become toxic for ourselves! Always wanting to win can develop a fear of failure among us. Sudden failures can get stressful as we doubt our capabilities. It also gives birth to dissatisfaction and insatiable huger for success.

Always striving to win also makes us strive for perfection and beholds our capacity to experiment and simply enjoy the process.

Thus, there’s no doubt that having a competitive spirit can make you reach pinnacles of success and make you feel motivated. But, at the same time it has the power to make you a success-driven individual who cares about winning regardless of anything!

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