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LinkedIn is fast gaining traction among the country’s youth. Now one of the first things that is asked in any job reference or interview is your LinkedIn profile’s link. The number of connections you have, the reach of your posts, everything matters in today’s digital era.

As an MBA aspirant, hoping to work in the corporate sector someday, I too made my LinkedIn profile a couple of years back. I did multiple internships, projects, and made over a thousand connections to have something to show on my page. But, somehow it was never enough.

I burnt myself out last year to enhance my profile. It reached a point where I required a 3-month break from everything to get myself back on track. But in retrospection, it was actually when I stopped opening LinkedIn that I found peace.

Why I Stopped Using LinkedIn

As I mentioned, nothing that I did seemed enough for LinkedIn! I was working hard and going at my own pace to build my profile. But, the pace of the world on LinkedIn was 10 times more, and I just could not match it.

It built disappointment and dejection. It made me and my work feel worthless. My mind steered into multiple directions at once, which was exhausting. To compete with everyone, I had to learn coding, Excel, take Leadership courses, learn Finance in advance, and whatnot.

There were multiple options, and I had a major FOMO. So, I actually made a plan to learn it all and become an all-rounder. I can proudly say that the plan failed miserably because I was not doing what I liked. I was doing what LinkedIn was asking me to do, even if it was not meant for me.

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My peers were posting about their first job, college selections, internship experience, when I was having a hard time deciding which path to choose for myself. It made me feel bitter and I started ranting all the time, undermining myself constantly.

It was only after my friends pointed out that I am on the verge of losing sanity that I could take a pause and then eventually a step back from this toxicity.

I never open LinkedIn now. And I am much happier and finally at peace. It is like I have withdrawn myself from a rat race, that I unintentionally became a part of. Everyone eventually does something in their life, and I will too.

Being part of the rat race is exhausting, and I am glad I got myself out before it was too late

I don’t need a social media platform (too) to keep telling me that I am not good enough or capable enough. And neither do you!

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