LinkedIn is a global professional platform that is used by thousands of people who search for jobs, explain their professional developments to prospective employers, and connect with like-minded people from the same or different fields for professional discussions and development through this platform.

Over the years, the platform has grown multifold with even school students joining it in pursuit of better connections and opportunities. However, while the crowd has increased, so have the posts. 

There has been a notable shift from the professionality of the platform because several members are keen on sharing personal anecdotes, personal pictures and also direct messages in a non-professional manner. 

While we all hate the ‘Gyan’ posts and the false stories of “one day I met a newcomer…”, some of us are also overwhelmed by such posts about professional yet unimportant achievements.

Several people often post their transcripts where they are getting average marks or certificates of courses or webinars which won’t even contribute towards the professional development of the author of the post.

Yet, the enthusiasm with which such posts are written and the stories that are woven around them attract a considerable audience.

However, the question arises, is it important to celebrate inconsiderable achievements on LinkedIn which don’t even have a positive impact on one’s CV?

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The answer is, yes, but only sometimes. Celebrating achievements through LinkedIn posts has a two-fold effect. The first impact is that not always can a person include all their achievements, the courses they invested time in, or the webinar they attended in their CV.

This is so because ideally, a CV shouldn’t exceed 2 pages. Thus, putting such things on LinkedIn helps employers see a person’s achievements or activities beyond their CV. Things not included in the CV but included in the LinkedIn profile of the candidate might help the companies in making a decision. 

The same stands true in cases of university applications. Universities, especially foreign universities, go through the applicant’s LinkedIn profile to get in-depth knowledge about his candidature and abilities.

Also, this factor isn’t limited to one but all social media platforms. Thus, updating every, a big or small achievement on the LinkedIn profile can be pivotal.

Additionally, several times, universities and companies want their candidates to be leaders, not followers. Traditionally, leaders are known to be knowledgeable and vocal about their thoughts.

When a person talks about even their small achievements in great detail in LinkedIn posts, the employers or educators perceive them to be highly motivated, opinionated, and vocal about their professional skills and activities. 

This presumption of leadership can help the candidate back their dream job or an offer letter from their dream university.

Thus, while such posts which celebrate even inconsequential achievements might come across as unnecessary to us, the author of the post might be benefiting from it. So, before you write your next LinkedIn post, do keep these things in mind.

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