Be it Hinge, Tinder or Aisle – people have so much to talk about dating and apps that encourage people to meet and date. These applications are all about making connections (mostly personal though). 

However, my luck in dating was pretty hard throughout. I got friend-zoned, sister-zoned and it’s good not to talk about the bad break-up!

But recently I found these applications to be pretty good at finding professional connections. My dating application actually helped me with professional connections, which are even better than LinkedIn.

Here’s how

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a guy on Hinge. He is a professor at an eminent B-school of India (Read IIM. I must not specifically tell you which IIM though.) We were actually mingling well, but as it usually happens, we friend-zoned each other. It was a great communication but once you friend zone a person on a dating app, it is generally considered to be a red flag which tells you, “this is it!”

But that was not the end!

We talked about personal struggles, life, mental health and our failed relationships and for some unknown reason I ended up mentioning my professional challenge too! 

The magazine I am taking care of presently needs an article from a guest writer. I wanted a smart educationist who can talk about integrated learning in today’s schools. 

I have not met my ‘friend’ from Hinge so far and he is a professor. My anxiety told me to not to approach him because it might look very creepy! 

Last Sunday, when we were talking about our nature of work, he actually told me that he is very fond of writing and every Sunday his articles get published in a famous newspaper of Hyderabad and that was the time I could not resist myself and approached him to be my guest writer for the upcoming magazine!

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Guess what?

He said ‘yes’! He did not just say yes but we literally discussed the outline of the article over the phone. Actually, that was the first time we talked over a telephonic call. I have been  searching for a guest writer who is into education for the last 20 days. No professional platform could help me find a guest writer. Whereas Hinge did the wonder like magic. 

What did I realise from the incident?

It is just a tiny incident. Once, I shared this incident with a friend, she told me that once she met a person on Tinder who offered her an internship where he used to work. And there are so many other ‘work-zone’ stories taking place on Tinder, Hinge and other dating apps.  

People on dating apps are far more open to new experiences than any other professional application. So conversations are more lucid and friendly. And keeping friendly communication as a key, you can discuss different ideas such as travel, haiku, love and even work. 

Did you ever have such an experience on dating apps? Share with us in the comment box.

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