Jalaluddin Balkhi Rumi is the name of eminent poet and philosopher who probably absorbed all the emotions of human life within him and created art daunted with those emotions. Born on September 30, 1207, Rumi is a celebrated poet and scholar who spoke about love, relationships, nature and spirituality with utmost grace and freedom. 

Rumi’s poems can give us a whole new perspective on love. Love which is not bound by society yet it is love that never fades. He wrote about love and asked, “What is love?’’ 

“Gratitude’’, he added to complete his verse.

The idea of Rumi’s love is crazy yet it has all the sanity of the world. 

Let’s take a look at how Rumi’s verses are meant to change the idea of love we are prone to perceive. 

While we try to find meaning in everything and end up being over-critical, Rumi asks to give away love for no reason. Is it even possible in this modern world?

Rumi’s work advocates for a very ideological love. If love is true, lovers will come back to each other. No matter what! In the end, lovers will have their happy endings. Who does not wish for the same?

People often talk about the journey of the soul, about the universe and about their connection with nature and the world. But have you ever thought of being connected to another soul or have you ever felt you are connected with every single soul of this great universe? If not… Think!

Everything is fair in love and war! And if you love… You love fearlessly without constraining yourself with secretarial norms and manners! Just love!

Poets like Rabindranath Tagore, William Wordsworth had felt that love is no different from spirituality. They prescribed love as the truest form of spirituality. Rumi’s verses echo the same message.

Love is untamed. One cannot be wise and in love at the same time. Love cannot be caged and shaped differently… Hence…

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According to Rumi, there is a ruin made up of grief and pain and love is buried under them. Once you cross the path of grief and pain overcoming all the hardships with a stern belief in your heart, love will touch your soul.

If you seek something passionately, the universe conspires to help you meet your goal.

Do you believe his words? Do you believe in a love that is so strong and pure that it never really ends? Comment below.

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Source: Selected Poems by Rumi

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