It is that time of the year when our anxiety levels skyrocket and one feels mentally and emotionally drained.

With the finals approaching, we tend to rule out the importance of health care, focusing all the attention towards the textbook we hate so much.

Procrastination, guilt, anxiety, lethargy and being upset for no reason are signs of mental exhaustion.

We tend to push away work when we are unmotivated. Being a Grade 12 student myself, I know exactly how it feels.

However, I decided to give my mental health time too because, sacrificing it during the days of preparation is only going to lead to disasters on the day of the finals.

Here are 5 mental health care apps tried and tested by me which will not only help you understand your mind better but will also pose to be your personal caretaker.

#1. Aloe Bud

This app is my personal favourite not only because of its unique layout but also because of its appealing user interface.

It helps you become aware of what exactly you feel at that instant, giving you the freedom of choosing the time at which you’d like to receive reminders to ‘check-in’ or ‘reflect’ on activities such as staying hydrated, exercising, resting, refreshing yourself, making sure you converse with people, etc.

It sends encouraging notifications that will genuinely make you smile.

The best thing about this app is that it is free and has no ads to annoy you.

Available on: iOS

#2. Moodpath

This app is highly analytical about how you feel.

With anxiety and depression being its key focus, the app asks you questions related to the introductory questions you answer on downloading the app. It then sends in a report every 14 days for you to track your progress.

The app also features audios on tackling emotions, building self-confidence and developing a positive attitude amongst many others. It also has articles based on the same categorized in the form of courses.

Available on: iOS and Android

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#3. Headspace

With meditation being the developers’ main focus, the app is marked with a wide range of audios to help de-stress and build focus.

The interactive interface makes the app very easy to use. It also happens to be a very celebrated app online.

The only drawback to the app stays that a lot of its features come under ‘paid’ category, making it difficult for us students to access the activities we really need.

Nonetheless, it is very helpful to inculcate the habit of meditation.

Available on: iOS and Android

#4. Daylio Journal

As the name suggests, the app is more of your personal journal with questions to accurately state how you feel.

The app provides statistical information on your progress, going as far as to show your ‘longest best day streak’ which is highly motivating.

Its journal-like layout, which includes the feature of securing your journal with a pin, makes the app a hit amongst students.

Available on: iOS and Android

#5. Remente

Being coined the Editors’ Choice of 2019, the app does justice to the users’ expectations.

With detailed statistics on your goals and productivity, the app also pays attention to adding your social life to your progress.

This not only emphasizes a balance in your life but also ensures you haven’t led astray from your commitment to your goal.

Available on: iOS and Android

All the best for the finals, make sure you don’t sacrifice your mental health!

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