Will Smith slapping or punching, depending on which version you read, was THE moment of this year’s Oscars event. For the last few years the Oscars have been pretty tame, but this moment when Smith just walked up on stage and decked Chris Rock was probably something no one saw coming.

The scene led to many speculations of it being staged, that Smith’s Oscar award would be taken away, whether Smith was right in doing what he did and of course buckets on buckets of memes and hilarious reactions being made on it.

Among those, one going kind of viral right now is this site called ‘slapchris.com’ where apparently someone has made a browser game allowing people to slap Chris Rock’s face and see the speed that the hit went at.

Slap Chris Game

So the site is pretty simple on the left you see the ‘palm emoji’ and on the right is Chris Rock’s face. The player has to move the palm over to Rock’s image as fast as they can, giving a virtual slap to the comedian, and recording the speed at which the slap was made. The measurement of the speed is done in km/h or kilometer per hour.

On the website, the game is explained as “The fastest slaps require the strongest Wills. Unleash your inner Slap Smith and see how fast you can slap Chris Rock.”

The speedometer turns green if your speed was over 30 km/h and there is even a small piece of music playing in the background as congratulations.

On April Fool’s Day though, Rock’s image was changed to Will Smith’s where people can for a change see how fast they can slap Smith. There is an option to go back to Rock’s version if a user wants to do so.

It also got a lot of traction online with people commenting about the game and also sharing their scores on the game.


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One has to wonder though if this game is actually funny or turning more towards something dark and concerning.

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