Hold on tight to your seats because this might be one of the most unusual pieces of information in your life.

India has approximately 330 million gods and goddesses. That is a fact well known. If it is too much for you to bear that we have gods and goddesses for almost everything, wait till you listen about Munch Murugan (haan, chocolate waala Munch).

If you really do believe that every god has a favourite product that s/he loves to feast on, here is a very convenient option for you. Just make sure you keep a box of Munch ready.

Let me present to you, the unusual story of an unusual god – Munch Murugan.

Who is Munch Murugan?

Munch Murugan and his favourite offering.
No, those Munch bars are not Photoshopped

The Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple in Kerala is an abode to Balamurugan. Balamurugan, a 300-year-old god, in most Dravidian cultures, is Shiva’s son. In north India, he is often addressed as Kartikeya.

From Balamurugan to Munch Murugan

If the story is to be believed true, this taste of chocolate has been “acquired”. Yes, gods are fussy about food, it seems.

Earlier, the devotees would offer whatever they desired, just like in a normal Hindu ritual of an offering. However, seven years ago, a Muslim boy rang the temple bell while playing with his friends. His parents scolded him, and the very next day he fell sick. While in sickness, the boy continued chanting Murugan’s name. As a part of his cure, his parents took him to the temple priest. While the parents, like every other devotee, offered oil and flowers, the boy refused to offer anything but a Munch bar. The next day, he was miraculously cured.

And this is how Balamurugan made people give up the whims of the world – by blessing Nestle.

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Munch Rituals and Offerings

Munch offering.
An offering to the god

Munch is given as prasaad unlike the conventional – sandal paste and flowers. No doubt that Balamurugan is most famous among children in Alappuzha, where the temple is.

If people offer tonnes of gold at Shirdi, then replace everything with Munch in this temple.

Lemon garlands used to be the main offering to the god, but Much has earned precedence.

Devotees perform MunchPara wherein a large vessel full of Munch chocolate is proffered to Munch Murugan. In Munch Thulabaram, chocolates equal to your body weight rests with the deity.

Seeking blessings of Munch Murugan.
Devotees seeking blessings of Balamurugan

There are a lot of temples that rest in India which have a story that departs from the convention. Sometimes, it might compel one to actually question the entire system of offerings to the Lord in the name of devotion. We all know that whatever we offer, a part of it goes to the priest.

Inside such a quagmire, one cannot help but question whether the Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple and Nestle have some mutually vested interests. Religion is the easiest way to convince people to adopt a way of life.

But at the same time, there should be no discounting of the fact that belief does transgress boundaries we have inherited by our forefathers.

However, it is quite assuring to know that a box of Munch can solve your problems. Literally.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: NDTV, Wikipedia, Times of India

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