The Oscars are celebrated the world around not as just another award ceremony to commemorate the who’s who of cinema. It has been celebrated through the crevice of time as the celebration of cinema and everything it stands for.

Not just entertainment but educating has always been the stilts upon which the being of the gold figurine rests. However, during the said celebration, it is the embarrassments that steal the show with utmost oomph.

Thus, to satiate the hunger for embarrassments and shocks, this is the gallery meant for you. From chin grabbing to Leonardo shaming, the list has it all and it is as interesting as it sounds.

Sam Smith’s Self Congratulatory Acceptance Speech (2016)

Angelina Jolie Smooching Her Brother (2000)

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Amy Schumer Making Fun Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rather Young Partners (2022)

Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock (2022)

Moonlight Best Picture Fiasco (2017)

John Travolta Messes Up Idina Menzel’s Name (2014)

Jennifer Lawrence Trips On The Stairs (2013)

Here’s hoping for an equally weird Oscars ceremony next year.

Never change!

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