Ever had one of those moments after your payday when you’re wondering to yourself, “How can all the money be spent, it’s only been two weeks!

If yes, then welcome aboard. Plenty of individuals in their twenties have a hard time managing their expenses and keeping a track of their daily expenditures. The bomb eventually drops when somewhere in the middle of the month, all your savings are mysteriously evaporated.

Since technology has become such an indelible part of our lives, we bring to you 5 such apps that’ll help you balance those monthly expenses and let you keep a track on how and where all your money went. Check it out:

1. Wally: A simple and easy finance management app to manage everyday expenses, Wally does it job seamlessly. It holds all-around information of the income and spending in a hassle-free time-saving manner. The interface is user-friendly and guess what! There won’t be any ads bothering you with this one.
Available on: iOS and Android

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2. Money Lover: Well the name says it all. Use Money Lover to receive bill reminders, weekly reports of spending habits and built in calculator to analyze future spending. Money Lover also allows you track your habits and control your budget in a very comfortable manner.
Available on: iOS, Android and Windows

3. Goodbudget: They market themselves as “the budget tracker for the modern age”. It allows the syncing of multiple devices to its website, hence giving you a hands-on control to your expenses on all platforms. It also provides you ways to stick to an accountable budget that you set for yourself.
Available on: iOS and Android

4. Spendee: Spendee is another finance management app that alongside the basic features of budget tracking, allows the sharing of manual wallets with family members, thereby increasing the assessment of expenses wider. It can also be connected to online banking.
Available on: iOS and Android

5. Level Money: Level Money is another finance management app that connects to your bank accounts and adds a spendable limit for each month. That way you can easily take a look at how much you’re spending and on what.

It also allows you plan ahead on your savings goal each month.
Available on: iOS and Android

Happy spendings (and savings)!

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