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Unusual Comparisons: Trudeau And Obama Are Our Very Own Desi Jai-Veeru


Unusual Comparisons: An ED Original content style, where we take 2 very opposite and different items and show you, exactly how similar they might be. 

I’m sure by now you have come across news of Trudeau and Obama casually hanging out at a restaurant in Montreal. #Trubama has been heavily trending on Twitter and people are going berserk over this casual meeting.

A former President and a current Prime Minister can find time out of their very busy lives to hang out.

And you can’t even execute that one Goa trip. #Shame

#Trubama is trending and here to stay. Poor Joe.

Co-incidentally, this blooming friendship reminded us of our very own Jai-Veeru partnership.

Both are good-looking, charming men with a great head of hair. Both are BFFs and truly enjoy each other’s company.

This is what good Bromances are made of. Just dollops of mutual respect, love, and friendship.

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Read on to find out more about the “Unusual Comparison” between these two fantastic and well-commemorated friendships this world has come to witness!

1. Best Friends

Trubama hang out. They take friendly jabs at each other. That’s what BFF’s do.

Look at the number of times Trudeau rolls his eyes at every snide comment. #TrueFriendship

Similarly, Jai-Veeru are the epitome of Bromance in India. I surely don’t have to remind you about the epic song sequence. If you need to revisit the epicness, we have graciously provided the video for you.



2. They are soulmates.

I’m sure you have seen pictures and memes of the way Trudeau looks at Obama. This is not news. The adoration, fondness, and warmth are hard to overlook.


And the way they always seem to be genuinely enjoying each others company, cracking jokes when they’re together. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

trudeau and obama
Just casually taking a selfie together. #BecauseThatsWhatBFFsDo

Isn’t that reminiscent of the Indian Bromance (Trademark Pending), Jai-Veeru? Be honest, if selfies existed when this movie was made, there would be a whole montage of this pair doing nothing but posing for selfies everywhere.


3. Just two handsome, charismatic men with great hair who are best friends tackling the world’s problems together, one step at a time.  

You cannot deny, they are quite dashing. Both pairs have great solid relationships with their leading ladies. They are experts in their respective fields. (Petty crime and running a country are arts in their own respective ways, I’m sure you agree)

And when they speak, people listen.

I’m obviously referring to the iconic scene with Veeru’s monologue on the Water Tank. No one can say Veeru doesn’t know how to engage an audience and rally them to do his bidding.

Same can be said for Obama. His iconic speeches with self-deprecatory humour are still remembered. His charm is hard to ignore.

Look how dapper these pairs of gentlemen look!

trudeau and obama

#Trubama and Jai-Veeru. You can’t know them and not love them.

And just like Jai, Obama is also unfortunately out of the game.

Too soon to make that joke?

Image Credits: Google Images

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Nithya Balaji
Nithya Balaji
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  1. Well. Too bad the writer had to go through all that. Whereas my experience was totally the opposite of what happened to him. There is a world outside Delhi. So rather than comparing what happens in Delhi for this and that. It advisable to find out more about the place you plan to visit.

    Goa for me will always be a calling. Went there once. Enjoyed much as I said opposite to the writers experience.

    But in the en all have different experiences. Don’t get bogged down by just one.


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