On the 5th of June, Tim Cook strolled out in a Steve Jobs-like fashion on the stage at WWDC 2017, an annual event by Apple to show off its latest overpriced technological innovations. Ah, I’m just kidding.

Apple has brought pretty nifty products to the market this year such as iOS 11, a refreshed line of iMacs and Macbooks along with a home based speaker called the HomePod (to be covered in a later article), along with the lines of Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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But the standout was the launch of iOS 11, with outstanding new features. So here is a list of 5 reasons why you should install iOS 11 right away.

1. Siri goes to school and gets smarter

Apple’s iconic voice assistant Siri, which made many people’s life easier, just got a new logo and a load of upgrades.

Siri’s voice is now more natural sounding, bridging the gap that the robotic voice created. It will now also learn about your habits from your app usage and use it to give you smarter suggestions.

But it won’t sell your data like Google does, all your usage data is encrypted. This should help Siri fend off attacks from the likes of Google Assistant and Cortana. Also, it has a dank af new logo.

2. iCloud and iMessage join forces

iMessage has long been an outstanding feature of the iPhone. So much so that Apple users can’t live without the immeasurable convenience. But now it’s even better.

All your chats will now be synced across all your devices so that you don’t miss out on that ever important messages from your mom asking you to get some tinde when you get back home.

You can now also pay via Apple Pay straight from iMessage (atleast in the USA).

3. Control Center does a Chris Pratt, gets a makeover

Let’s face it, Control Center was a disaster. The insanely confusing menus and the lack of customization took a lot away from its usability.

The recent iteration is not perfect, but its way better than the last one. All toggles and menus are now displayed on one page. No more swiping left and right and left again to find what you were looking for.

There are a lot more options now such as a shortcut for the notes app, calculator, Do Not Disturb etc.

You can also 3D touch to get more options. For example, if you 3D touch the notes app icon, it gives you options to add a new note or view existing ones.

4. Apple Maps and Navigation try and catch up

No one can deny the immense usefulness and power of Google Maps. Apple Maps has long been the underperforming and ignored sibling of the two.

But now it has added a better navigation experience. You can now zoom in on shopping centers and airports to see inside and even move about floors.

Apple Car Mode has also made a splash. When using it,  you can have notifications hidden and the phone will even auto-reply to people who are trying to contact you, to let them know you’re driving.

Great to not make your mom call all your friends in the 5 minutes you don’t pick up the phone while driving.

On top of that, there’s an emergency mode that lets people push through that layer to contact you if they really need to.

5. FILE MANAGER!!!!!!!!

Apple finally added an Android staple. For ages, you could not check your files on iOS like you could on Android.

There was no central repository of files which you could access. Well, there is one now.

Apple Files let you view all types of files on your phone and it’s even compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive.

There is also a new file format on iOS. Making files smaller ad easier to share.

So, these are all the best new features of iOS 11 that I found to be most relevant. If you liked any others, do leave a comment down below.

Image Credits: Google Images

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