The reality is that not all clubs are on the same financial level and thus most of them have become a breeding ground for talent for the top clubs in the world (sometimes forcibly).

These clubs known as the feeder clubs or rather more appropriately the smart clubs always seem to be on the brink of success or may enjoy the glory for one season and then they happen to sell their prized assets to the bigger guns.

Let’s look at some of the top selling clubs in terms of talent rather than taking into account only the financial aspect-


  1. Liverpool-

Being an ardent football fan it pains to include Liverpool in this category but the reality is that they have become one such club in the recent years. We can call them the, “selling club among the elite ones”.

The names that instantly pop up in my head are Suarez, Fernando Torres, and Sterling. The Scousers were left with little option other than selling them not because of financial difficulty but because there are other bigger clubs in the league.

Even the United fans will agree that the Suarez-Sturridge-Sterling partnership was one of the best in Europe and had lit up the PL. They narrowly missed out on being PL champions. They could have gone on to achieve greater things in the next season but what happened was that Suarez went off to Barcelona and then after 2 more transfer windows, Sterling literally left Liverpool to hung dry and went to the noisy neighbors.

  1. Sevilla-

They are a club famous for buying players for peanuts and selling them off for millions.

Their former sporting director, Monchi was a master at this task and the club gained a lot through this (winning  Europa Leagues and 2 Copa Del Rays) but have never managed to become of the elite clubs.

Dani Alves. Sergio Ramos. Alvaro Negredo. Ivan Rakitic. Carlos Bacca.

That would have been a heck of a line up if Sevilla were able to hold on to them. They were sold to bigger clubs mainly because of financial reasons.

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  1. Borussia Dortmund-

Well, they are the ones who help Bayern Munich to remain on the perch in Bundesliga.

Lewandowski, Gotze (Back to Dortmund after a failed stint with Munich), Hummels are some of the high profile names who switched their allegiance to Munich because the Bavarians are the Elite club in Germany and Dortmund isn’t close to them by any means.

After the CL final loss to Munich a few years back under Klopp, they haven’t been able to reach those standards because of regularly selling their top players to the big guns.

  1. Benfica-

The ever-increasing financial gap between the Portuguese league and other top notch leagues in Europe have ensured that the Benfica side will continue to be a feeder club.

Di Maria, David Luiz, Ramires, and Matic are some of the marquee names who made a name for themselves in Benfica before packing their bags to move onto clubs which have a genuine chance of winning CL year after year.

They are one of the best teams in Portugal but when it comes to Europe, they struggle because of not being able to hold onto their star players.

  1. Southampton-

The club where Liverpool digs into to buy players for itself. Surprisingly, coaches don’t last at this club either and are changed after every 2-3 seasons.

It is understandable that they can’t compete with clubs like United, Liverpool but then nurturing the seeds and selling off the plant every year is a bit baffling.

Bale. Walcott. Lovren. Lallana. Shaw. The list goes on.

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