As a college student, I am always on the search for new opportunities and openings, like all others. In the same pursuit, I downloaded LinkedIn on my mobile phone. I expected that this would help me gain access to more research and internship opportunities.

However, after spending a couple of months on this application, I have come to feel that the employment-oriented platform is no different than any other social media platform.

While many of us complain that Instagram and Facebook are dangerous and useless, LinkedIn can’t be described differently. Also, when we say that Instagram and Facebook are spreading toxicity and increasing anxiety issues in people, I believe that LinkedIn should be kept first in the line.


The one thing I completely hate about LinkedIn and its users is the habit of bragging about their achievements. I understand that LinkedIn, being an employment and profession-driven platform, requires the members to list their achievements which prospective employers can refer to. And frankly, I have no issue with that.

The issue arises when even small and negligible achievements, which will not attract any employer, are bragged about. I recently came across someone’s post. It feels as though people are running a rat race of pulling each other down. 

The extensive, and at times meaningless, show-off by some can ward off others. It can also trigger anxiety, making some feel that they are either not good enough or they aren’t doing much productive work in their life. 

I came to hate this habit more post the lockdown because when many people were barely able to go ahead with another day without getting upset or feeling under-productive, LinkedIn was quick to remind them that others were doing far better than them. 

Some real FOMO!

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LinkedIn Influencers

Life is already giving us enough gyaan and we have enough influencers on Facebook and Instagram. Can’t we leave out one platform?

Honest to God, I am fed up with LinkedIn influencers. They talk about everything and nothing, from business tips and tricks to commoner issues that aren’t related to professional or occupational fields at all.

While I do find the relevant advice helpful and insightful, I fail to understand the need for meaningless preaching. 

No actual jobs

Keeping in mind the motive behind this social-media platform, I can say that it isn’t serving its purpose. It had one job, to make employers meet employees.

But unfortunately, not a lot of genuine opportunities are available on LinkedIn. And those which are available are lost in the pool of useless posts. 

This defeats the purpose for which the professional platform was created, thus warranting introspection.

The DM Problem

Now, this is a big issue. LinkedIn, as already mentioned, is meant to be a professional platform. However, it is quickly mutating into Facebook, or if I may, Tinder. 

LinkedIn DMs have become a big problem for many, both men and women alike. Connections and even non-connections reaching out in the DMs to flirt isn’t why people downloaded the application.

The subtle art of asking how was the day and then asking someone out is finding various fans on LinkedIn. However, the same is dissuading many from continuing their membership on this platform.

While I am fully aware of the professional goals that LinkedIn and its members seek to achieve, it’s time we introspect and start using the platform for what it was created.

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