These days, medicine is in high demand because of not just the COVID-19 pandemic but just a general paranoia of even the most common of illnesses.

In this time of need then, Delhi’s Bangla Sahib Gurdwara opened up a pharmacy inside the religious place and is offering medicine at an affordable rate.

The dispensary was inaugurated by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) who also set the whole thing up on Saturday.

Head Granthi of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Gyani Ranjeet Singh, reportedly told ANI that, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, our sevaks had reached out to the needy with food. Eventually, we realised that people not only need food but medicines as well.” 

Bhupinder Singh Bhullar, DSGMC executive member also explained their reasoning behind opening the ‘Bala Pritam Dawakhana’.

He stated that, “Amid the pandemic, many families are facing financial problems. Just as we give free food in langar, we decided to give medicines at discounted, wholesale rates. There is zero profit for us. If this is a success, we will open more such pharmacies in other gurdwaras.”

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Reports do state that in order to buy medicine, customers need a prescription, otherwise they will not be eligible to buy medicine from there.

The dispensary opens its gates from 10 am in the morning and stays that way till 8 pm in the evening. There are even plans of extending the working hours of the pharmacy so that more people can get the medicine they need.

The people behind it also want to eventually make the medicine completely free of cost, but for the time being, are giving it at the factory price.

Committee President Manjinder Singh Sirsa told ANI that they are selling their medicine at factory price which is usually lower to the maximum retail price (MRP).

According to reports, on the very first day of its opening, the dispensary had served almost 1 lakh people.

As per Sirsa, some medicines are even being sold at a discount of almost 80% and one can find medicine for various causes like heart diseases, diabetes, neurological illnesses, and more.

The dispensary is also able to arrange for special medicine if the patient requires them on request.

The DSGMC has also revealed that they plan on opening such dispensaries all around Delhi so that more people can be helped out.

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Sources: The Indian Express, Moneycontrol, ANI News

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