Pradeep Bhandari, the Editor-in-Chief of Jan Ki Baat posted a tweet saying, “60-year-old mother living in Gurgaon was brutally thrashed, pushed, & slapped by her daughter-in-law. My blood boiled with anger when I saw the video. Protection of senior citizens is paramount to our civilization. At 8 pm today I will fight for #JusticeForMaa on Janta Ka Mukadma.

The Incident Sparks

With the tweet going live, there was a huge surge of outcry against the perpetrator in Gurugram. According to the complainant, because of her age, she was unable to do most of the daily chores at home and had, therefore, suggested that help should be hired. “That is when my daughter-in-law lost her cool and misbehaved with me,” she said.

Ayush Mittal, the woman’s son, has claimed that his wife, Kavita, got furious and started beating up his mother. The family was already having an argument which escalated after Kavita assaulted her mother-in-law.

Aunty, Police

An FIR has been registered at Rajendra Park police station and Kavita was booked under sections 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) and 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt).

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The family has alleged that the mother-in-law has faced injuries, but the police have denied the reports saying there were no grave injuries and she was doing fine. 

A video went viral where it is seen in the video that a woman named Kavita is telling her husband, “Why did you hit me, now I will kill her.”

The husband said that it is not okay to misbehave, but the woman did not concede, and after that, she started slapping her mother-in-law. 

Twitter Crazy

The tweet that started it all…(he corrects the age in a thread)
He is a little confused, but he’s got the spirit!
People coming out in support of the mother-in-law…

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Sources: Times Of India, Twitter, PressWire18

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