Watch: Horrifying Images Of The Abuse Of The Marginalized In Pakistan

Pakistan, since forever, has been a discussion of extreme contention in every corner of the world’s intelligentsia. The unfortunate fact of these instances is the lack of discourse that has taken place with regard to the country’s misdemeanour concerning its minorities. However, to ensure that the buck doesn’t stop before it even begins, it is tantamount to spark the conversation from somewhere.

Thus, to enable the conversation to begin somewhere, the following video encapsulates the many degrees of unjust jurisdictions faced by Pakistan’s minorities.

From rampant violence against the female minority to regurgitating human rights violations against ethnic minorities, the Pakistan administration has indulged in a masquerade of atrocities and hid from its consequences.

However, in our world, it should no longer be an option for the administration to take shelter behind the veil of morbid absolution. Hence, the following video stands not as just another infotainment media but as a clarion call to hold the government responsible.

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Never forget. Never forgive.

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: India Today, BBC, The Week, The Hindu

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