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If you use Delhi roads, then you must have come across the site of cars all around you. 

Now, the Delhi traffic is pretty famous, so nothing strange there, but it is during the evening that things get interesting. 

It is then that you witness one of the deepest and closest bonds known to humanity, that between a Delhi car driver and their high beam lights.

There is probably no relationship out there as strong and as loyal as a Delhi driver has with their high beams, so much so that they always keep them on. 

Imagine, they don’t even think of maybe trying out the flavours of the low beam, no sire. They will remain faithful to their high beams, no matter how much it hurts pedestrians or even the cars on the other side of the road.  

Using public transport for travelling to and from work, I often have to stand on the side of roads in order to get an auto or bus. 

While in the morning it is fine, but during the evenings, I genuinely feel that staring at the sun would hurt less than how I have to endure those high beams. 

And it is not like I can look away, since doing so I might lose an empty auto or not see the bus coming my way. 

It is also not like it is just a small minority doing this, oh no, practically all cars, every single day, have their high beams on a permanent state of being on no matter what day or season it is. 

car lights at high beam

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See, I understand the need for high beams in certain conditions, when it is raining extremely heavily, or it’s really foggy at night. Those times the high beams are actually necessary since they are more effective in alerting others that a vehicle is coming in that way. 

But when it’s a clear evening, with no issue in sight, then what is the reason?

Or how about the absolute geniuses who even use it within residential colonies, where there is practically no need for them.

To be honest, more than my constant use of a laptop to work or reading in little light, I feel staring into those high beams so frequently is what will make my eyesight go bad. 

Share your own experiences with cars having high beam lights on always, no matter which state, in the comments below.

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