Global Indian International School (GIIS), is a part of Global Schools Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2002 in Singapore with the mission of nurturing young minds by providing them a holistic learning experience.

The Foundation has completed exemplary 13 years of international recognition for great academics, management and governance.

The Chinchwad branch in Pune was established in 2011 with a strength of 300 students which has now gone up to 4700 students. The journey from then to now has been full of accolades and laurels which is nothing but a result of the blood and sweat of the entire team.

Under the able guidance of Dr. Amrita Vohra, Director Principal, GIIS Chinchwad has created a reputation for itself as a progressive school focused on holistic development of children offering CBSE, Montessori and CAIE Curriculums.

While the entire team and the students of GIIS are behind its golden reputation, there are certain super achiever kids who have made GIIS proud time and again.

Here’s an insight into the lives of four super-achiever kids as we spoke to their parents about what makes their kids the genius brains that they are!

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Before moving on, meet the super achiever kids: Ashutosh is an ace quizzer and proficient in English. Some of his laurels include winning the Australian Chemistry Quiz and being the Runners-Up at the Cambridge Quiz.

Ashwat Jain holds the record of being India’s youngest poet at India Book of Records for his book ASHED. He has also won many awards in quizzes, MUNs and Science.

Ashika is a jack of all trades and master of them as well. She has awards in chess, yoga as well as academics. She has also received a scholarship of 1 lakh from Timsespark and is a phenomenal Bharatnatyam dancer.

Dhwani Garg is a great debator & MUNer. She is also a good swimmer and has many awards in creative writing, science and aptitude based exams.

On being asked what role parenting plays in a child’s development, Ashutosh’s father Mr. Bala believes that a parent must understand their child’s interests & accordingly channelize the child to do various activities in his/her chosen field.

Mr. Ashwin Jain, Ashwat Jain’s father reiterated the same and added, “Support and guidance from family goes a long way in inculcating confidence, go the extra mile and take risk without fear of failure.”

Mr. Sadhan Bakre, Ashika Bakre’s father feels that good parenting helps keep bad habits at bay and that parents shouldn’t shy away from showing a little tough love here and there for their child’s own good.

Mr. Deepak Garg, Dhwani Garg’s father believes in nurturing a child’s development holistically by good parenting.

Speaking of developing a child’s interest in different fields at a young age, Dhwani’s parents narrated how they enrolled her in different classes so that she could understand what she likes and what she doesn’t like.

They also talked about politics and controversial issues with her which developed her interest in debating. Similarly, Ashika’s parents too let her try different activities in order to understand her liking and at the same time made her balance academics.

Ashutosh’s parents realised very early on that he is avery inquisitive child so they let him ask questions and bought knowledge bank books for him to develop his interest in quizzing.

Ashwat developed a keen interest in science by looking at his own shadow and observing his toys. His parents narrate how they never laughed at him for his odd questions and encouraged him to find answers to his questions by books instead of giving it to him on a platter.

Time management, extra co-curriculars and a little discipline is something that makes these kids super achievers is the general consensus among the parents of these little geniuses.

The parents also gave a few tips on how every parent can guide their child to do better in school. Almost all of them focused on the idea that it’s important for parents to understand that all kids are unique in their own way.

All parents just need to understand their kid’s potential and interests and guide them accordingly. Communication and appreciation is what aids the process!

The parents of these young super achievers agree on how GIIS has contributed immensely to their kids’ holistic development. In addition to providing a very rigorous academic program and great teachers, GIIS has been very encouraging and flexible in terms of allowing children to participate in events and competitions outside of school. 

According to these parents, the various hobby clubs that the school provides are a wonderful platform for children to explore various arts and other activities. The teachers provide a wonderful support system and encourage children to take the lead in different activities.

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