The Microsoft 98-375 exam is designed to evaluate the fundamental knowledge of the topics highlighted in the certification content. These topics include JavaScript and CSS.

The candidates taking this test should be conversant with the concepts and related technologies associated with the exam skills areas.

Some level of hands-on experience is also required to achieve success in the test. Those individuals who pass Microsoft MTA 98-375 Practice Test : HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals receive the MTA certificate.

It validates the fundamental knowledge required to start a career related to the Microsoft technologies. It is focused on the students of high school or those in two-year colleges. It is the perfect entry-level certification for starting a career in the field of Information Technology.

Microsoft 98-375: Exam Details

Microsoft 98-375 is the only exam that the candidates need to pass in order to earn the MTA credential. The test is made up of around 30-50 questions and you have 50 minutes for the completion.

Essentially, Microsoft does not reveal information on the actual number of questions to expect in the exam and it may change without prior notice. The exam format is multiple-choice questions and sometimes, you may come across multiple-answer questions.

It is recommended that you read the instructions carefully before you provide answers. The passing score for the test is 70 points, but this does not mean 70% of the exam questions.

Microsoft uses a scoring technique that creates bands for questions. This means that 70 points may be more than 70% or even less.

The 98-375 exam is available in English, German, French, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Korean. The applicants are required to pay the exam fee of $127 before they schedule their test.

Microsoft sometimes includes un-scored questions in the exam and it is important for the candidates to be aware of this. Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate between scored and un-scored questions, which means you have to devote the same amount of seriousness in answering all the exam questions.

The students who do not pass the test at the first attempt can retake it almost immediately after seeing the result. However, you will need to wait for a period of 14 days before retaking it after your second try. 

Any additional retakes after the second attempt will require a waiting period of 14 days.

If you pass the exam at any attempt, you will not be allowed to write it again, even if you are not satisfied with your passing score. To register, visit Certiport if you are still at school and Pearson VUE if you are no longer there but want to earn the certification.

Microsoft 98-375 exam

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Microsoft 98-375: Exam Objectives

There are specific skills that will be measured in the Microsoft 98-375 exam. The candidates are expected to gain competence in these topic areas before writing the test.

These topics include managing application life cycle (20-25%), formatting user interface using Cascading Style Sheets (20-25%), building user interface by using HTML5 (25-30%) and coding by using JavaScript (30-35%).

There are various subtopics under each of these areas and the students are required to develop skills in them before the exam. Let us take a cursory look at them.

#1. Managing application life cycle (20-25%)

Subtopics covered under this skill area involve understanding platform fundamentals, such as packaging and runtime environment (including app package, host process, app container and permission sets).

The candidates are also required to develop competence in the management of state of an application, which includes managing session state, persist information state and app state.

It is also essential to develop mastery in debugging and testing HTML5-based and touch-enabled application.

#2. Formatting user interface using Cascading Style Sheets (20-25%)

This skill area requires that you understand core CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) concepts. In addition to this, the students are also expected to learn how to arrange user interface through the use of CSS.

The knowledge needed to manage the flow of text content through the CSS usage and manage graphical interface with CSS is also very crucial for optimal performance in the certification exam.

#3. Building user interface using HTML5 (25-30%)

The applicants need to learn how to configure and choose the HTML5 tags in order to display text content and graphics. The ability in configuring the HTML5 tag to display and play media is also important.

Additionally, the individuals should know how to choose these tags to be able to organize forms and content, as well as tags for validation and input.

#4. Coding by using JavaScript (30-35%)

This subject carries the highest percentage in all the skill areas. Therefore, the candidates should do their best to develop competence in it.

To perform well, they should learn to manage and sustain JavaScript, update user interface through JavaScript, code animation through JavaScript, respond to touch interface, code extra HTML5 APIs and access devices and operating system (OS) resources.

Microsoft 98-375: Target Audience

The candidates for the 98-375 certification exam are the individuals who want to validate the core skills and knowledge in HTML5 client application development that runs on current touch-enabled devices, such as phones, PCs and tablets.

The test is focused on using CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 to develop various client applications. Prior to taking the exam, the students are required to obtain extensive fundamental knowledge of the various topics highlighted in the certification guide (JavaScript and CSS).

The candidates should also have hands-on experience working with the related technologies of the certification content.

There are various preparation materials that are recommended to help the candidates develop competence in the exam topic areas and links to the resources can be found at the learning page of Microsoft. There are also numerous platforms that you can access for your prep materials.

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