Yes, you read it right. If you’re an Apple user, you might just empathise with me because you know why I am saying Apple in India doesn’t work and if you’re an Android user (also, a friend), you’re probably thinking “told you so!!”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Apple builds solid products and they are way more easy to use than similar products from other companies.

I have been using my MacBook Pro since almost 3-4 years and working has been easy-breazy with this advanced yet user friendly product.

Then what’s my problem with Apple products you ask? My problem is with Apple service centers in India! They are the absolute worst and they try to bill you as heftily as possible even for the slightest of problems with the product.

apple in india

So, I’ll just narrate my experience with one of these service centers. My MacBook wasn’t switching on one fine day and I tried everything I could to switch it on.

Finally, stressing about my upcoming deadlines I took my laptop to an Apple service center in West Delhi.

The guy asked me to deposit the laptop and collect it after 2 days.

In these 2 days they couldn’t figure out what the issue with the laptop was and yet demanded a very high amount for “checking” and other non-existent “repair” charges.

After insane amount of logical arguments, the guy finally agreed to take half of the price (for doing absolutely nothing!)

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Later that day I discovered I wasn’t the only one who had a bad experience with Apple service centers.

Another friend suffered a similar fate when her iPhone started malfunctioning and the service center guys asked her to take a new phone in exchange by paying half the price for it even when her phone was in Apple warranty.

The problem with Apple service centers in India is that they are run by private third party dealers and contractors who don’t care about the brand value of the company. They just want to mint money and earn as much as possible.

Most often than not, they replace expensive parts of the device or the complete unit in cases when the device is not covered under warranty for no reason. They often say no to alternatives you suggest in name of their policy and take forever in returning your device.

Apple is known for it’s retail and service stores and their enthusiasm and dedication towards customer support. Sadly, that is not the case in India since the company doesn’t have its own stores here.

Result? More and more people switching to alternative products! It’s about time Apple pays heed to these problems and resolves the technicalities to have their own stores here.

Until then, Android it is!

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