Disclaimer: Originally published in February 2019. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

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Have you reached a point in your life where everything feels illogical, fabricated to the core and baseless?

Now that you realize the sheer futile challenges in accepting the fact that the world is devoid of absolutes, the famous dialogue from Now You See me makes so much sense.

“ Now you see me—the closer you look, the lesser you see”

I have lesser expectations than usual regarding the sense and sensibility of the Academy Awards this year.

Sadly, the month of February ends with a troubled season with no compelling award show to watch now while I sulk into the head-spinning conclusion of choosing to spend 9 hours staring into the blank space of the desktop.

My expectations had been soaring high regarding the Oscars ironically because the 91st Academy Awards are going to be more than glimpses of the world’s biggest stars preening in couture gowns while delivering a mugged-up speech they manage to write in notes.

Let me rehash the missteps this Oscar season has been fraught with that it feels like a half-assed mockery.

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Kevin Hart’s hosting was cancelled with outrage over his homophobic tweets.

Yes, we have no host this Oscars!!

Oscars 2019: No more stunning speeches but disappointing decisions

The decision to have only two of the nominated songs- “Shallow” and “All The Stars” led to more fury.

The Academy backpedalled on their decision to hand out four major awards- Cinematography, film editing, makeup, hairstyling and live-action short during commercial breaks in order to cut down the show’s runtime after sustained outcry by prominent film directors and actors—from Russell Crowe, Edgar Wright, George Clooney to Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorcese.

In the light of the constantly changing drama, Oscars will be a tricky show this time unlike the Envelope gate that was announced two years ago where the wrong best picture winner was announced.

Truth be said, this Oscars will make a good story only if I had a nervous breakdown.

My expectations are higher for the kind of mess it has shaped up into with very little to look forward to barring few performances and categories.

I should thank the Academy for making me hopeless yet again with another form of populist entertainment.

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