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If Hindi commentary wasn’t enough already, Hotstar has dropped another bomb on cricket lovers  rational cricket lovers, in the form of its comment section. That’s too much fun to take! Thanks; but no thanks.

Imagine an ardent fan of cricket, waiting for the match to start with a bowl of popcorn and cold drink, and all she really gets to see, is a constant trail of comments that makes no sense, whatsoever. That person is me; I am that person.

At 3pm sharp, I bid farewell to all my work, assignments, constant WhatsApp notification and a Netflix series calling me out. For what?

To see online uncles giving expert advice on what a professional cricket team must do next?

Are aap hi khel lo na! Trust me, Virat’s life depends on your expert analysis! Anushka wouldn’t feed him unless he listens to you!

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What makes these people think that they know better than sportsmen who spend the majority of their days on the field?

Who have gone through never ending tests to reach the place they are. Who sweat their bodies off in the gym while you order your wives to make pakodas?

But let me not make this gender and age centric. Youngsters with absolutely zero knowledge of pitch conditions would judge a cricketer playing at international level. And why wouldn’t they? Mohalla cricket is the absolute level of wisdom.

If the expert opinions aren’t enough already, there comes the party pooper. I am here to wait for Bumrah to take a wicket, Dhoni to whip the bails off, Kohli to smash the runs, but all of this is garnished with people predicting India’s fall in the comment section, every time India gets in a tough situation.

I don’t need someone to tell me that “India will ‘loose’, after one hour into the match.” I don’t need that negativity in my life.

Where are the bhakts now? These are the anti-nationalists you were looking for!

If you don’t wish to ruin your cricket experience, I’d highly recommend you to watch it in fullscreen mode or your television screens. Spare yourself, please.

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