As a 19 year old I’m going to preface this straight up by acknowledging I am in no way an expert on the female mind, nor would I ever be one. What I am an expert on, is men, because, well, I am one.

So, it’s been a long-standing and popular belief that most guys are complete chillers (including me, I guess) while women are making a big issue out of most things.

This got me thinking.

Why can’t women pick a restaurant?

Why do women need to hit you without any reason?

Why do women take such a long time to shop?

Whether it’s your mother, your sister, your friend or your girlfriend this problem of making a big deal out of things remains a problem amongst all women.

That’s what she said!

“I’m fine”

When I say I’m fine I really am. But I’m pretty sure there were large stretches of history when a woman might tell you she was fine and the biggest mistake you must have done is, of course, believed her.

If you let go when they say they are ‘fine’, I swear they’ll take the problem to their grave if you don’t force it out of them. Just remember: mostly there is really something wrong.

“Clean your room”

My sister, my mom and countless other ladies I have come across are cleanliness freaks, while on the other hand, most guys do not care about their clothes lying here and there all the time.

When I really feel like I need to clean my room I’ll do it. Till that time, please chill.

“Jab hoga tab dekha jayega”

That’s the principle we guys swear by.

Whether it’s adhering to a deadline, taking an important decision in life, or basically anything, we follow this principle without hands down. What’s a better feeling than worrying about things as and when they come, right ladies?

On the other hand, women are timely decision-makers and basically want things to be done in a precise manner (well, some women said that to me).

“Tu bhai hai”

When we fight, we are pretty chilled about it.

Most of the time the extent to which we fight doesn’t matter because all we fight for is a maximum of a day. We mend things (mostly everything) in no time and all it requires is saying “tu bhai hai”.

On the other hand, I had to convince my friend to sort things with her friend after she had said that KJ Apa was better than Zayn Malik. Really?

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We believe in handling the problem

When it comes to handling problems, we guys believe in just solving them and getting over with them. Wait, isn’t that what everyone does?

With time I’ve seen that handling the problem is always there, but the blame game and the competition surrounding who caused it or who found the solution is a big deal with the ladies.

Women are super picky

When it comes to dating, guys are as picky as women are. But what about other things?

After 6 hours and 38 minutes

Through years I have stopped going out shopping with women, arguing which movie to watch, or picking up a place to have dinner.

Whether it’s taking 6 hours to shop for one T-shirt, choosing where to have dinner, or basically anything, women are surely tough to hang out with.

With men, lazy is the new chill

Most of these problems of guys being too chill stem out from the fact that we are very lazy when it comes to most things.

While you spend your days guzzling coffee and killing it at your career, guys will be lying back and coasting through life. They most likely don’t have their dream job but we may not be taking any steps to rectify that.

The thing is that we guys like to do things on our own pace and we genuinely don’t care about things that aren’t too major. After all, we’re chill.

Agree or don’t agree with this Battle Of The Sexes?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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