There have been efforts taken to reach out to the Sentinelese tribe who live in the North Sentinel Island, off Andaman and Nicobar, but all have largely failed. The island is recognized as a sovereign state, but it belonged to India since 1947.

Respectable Lawyer is trending across Twitter for talking about the Sentinelese that are believed to be direct descendants from the first human populations in Africa and are known to shoot arrows at outsiders who approach the island.

Let us take a look at the interesting threads:

Maurice Vidal Portman was a British naval officer, known for his documentation and pacification of several Andamanese tribes between 1879 and 1901.

Next, the lawyer has tweeted about how the Britisher was “erotically obsessed” with the Sentinelese:

It is believed that the tribal people are hostile because Portman had kidnapped several islanders. He said, “They located an elderly couple and a few children they were able to abduct.”

He has mentioned an incident near the North Sentinel Island in his other tweet.

The lawyer said, “In 1981, a cargo ship named The Primrose ran aground on the coral reef surrounding North Sentinel. The crew radioed for assistance and settled in for a long wait. In the morning, they saw 50 men with bows on the beach.”

Read about it here: Why’d US Tourist Go To Hostile, Isolated Sentinelese Tribe In The 1st Place, When Even Indian Navy Is Forbidden?

Apparently, there was a video that was uploaded related to the Sentinelese.

This is how the lawyer got interesting replies to this thread:

Recently, John Allen Chau, a missionary based out of Alabama in the US had traveled to the North Sentinel Island to preach to the Sentinelese about Jesus and Christianity. They killed him with bows and arrows (read the link above).

It is perhaps the most aggressive un-contacted tribe that exists. The Indian government has always respected the wishes of the Sentinelese to be left alone.

There are laws that forbid taking photographs or making videos of the Andaman tribes in 2017. It is illegal to get within 3 nautical miles of the island.

However, the reason for keeping them isolated is a lack of genetic immunity to common diseases like influenza and measles. Another reason can be that the Islanders were traumatized by that original kidnapping.

The lawyer has also said, “The Sentinelese are considered lucky because they were effective at preventing contact. The neighboring Jawara went from 9000 to a couple hundred from lack of genetic immunity and only forestalled annihilation due to aggressive segregation.”

From colonial European explorers to the Indian coast guard, they have violently rejected contact with groups of various nationalities.

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Sources: Wikipedia, The news minute, Hindustan Times

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  1. I don’t understand. We humans are so advanced. If we could fit a camera in a pen how difficult is it to send a tiny camera drone to the island and study their culture and language. Communication will be much easier and we can progress from there. Like what is stopping you from doing it ??

  2. TT stfu why can’t humans just LEAVE people alone that clearly don’t want to be contacted. They’ll catch diseases from us they have no immunity from just leave them to there say if life isn’t hard.

  3. Should they be allowed to get away with murder? They need to be informed about their islands surrounding laws and given a port of office or something on the island to help with people who stop there or get stranded,so they can get help, instead of being killed off by the island people.

  4. Just leave them alone. They obviously are not very nice people. let them live there lives isolated on the island like the monsters they act like. I really could care less after what they did to that missionary or to anyone unlucky enough to come across there island.

    • I disagree, I think rather then them being ‘not nice’ people they are outwardly aggressive as a means of defence. The first white person from another country the nation met was extremely perverted and began killing (whether unintentionally or not) and kidnapping children. If an alien with blue skin, 3 eyes and massive teeth began kidnapping children and then left earth, would you allow similar looking aliens to have contact with you? I certainly wouldn’t. I think you are right however about leaving them alone, if that’s what they want then that’s what they should have. If anyone intentionally visits the island, they would know the danger they are wandering into.

    • Who is the monster? The person who abducted innocent fellows caged them like common animal in the name of studying up to the extent that a couple died from this or the people living their lives?

    • it’s the outsiders who are the monsters and abusers. that’s there home they dont want to be botheted we and the rest of the world should respect that.


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