What could possibly be common between ancient rulers and Bollywood celebs of today?

A beard. That’s right.

Beard has been a man’s best friend for years now, signifying strength, intelligence and manliness.

When it comes to fashion, beards haven’t really been constant. From “sorry guys, beards are over” to “beards are the new six pack”, we’ve come a long way. For now, beards are well and truly back in the industry, and they are here to stay.

Beard makes a man look more mature, and is often seen as a mark of difference between ‘boys’ and ‘men’. Beards are also said to increase social status of a person.

Men don’t usually get possessive about their stuff, but a beard is always close to a man’s heart. They think of it as a valuable asset, giving them something to scratch while they are contemplating.

A beard is seen as a sign of:

  • patience – to grow it
  • responsibility – to maintain it
  • commitment – to stick with it

It is often said that men measure time in days, weeks and beards. Anybody with a decent beard can vouch for that.

Here’s more on men and their attachment to and obsession with their beard:

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Tag that one friend who just cannot grow a beard. God bless him!

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Sources: New York Times, BBC, Psychology Today + more

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