This article is purely dedicated to the insecurities a guy goes through while growing up because we know there is no competition on whether which gender had the toughest time going through puberty.

Women have won that war by shedding blood.

This is just about what guys have to go through when they are entering adulthood or ‘manhood’.

I won’t go into the scientific chronology about when and how puberty starts or when it ends, instead, I will relive the things I personally went through during puberty.

Cracked Voice And Adam’s Apple:

The first time I realized had officially entered puberty when I used to pick up calls and my relatives made sure they had told me a thousand times that my voice has changed and had become coarse.

I know I should have realized I have reached puberty before my voice cracked, the ball was in the court already (pun intended), but our school didn’t have sex education.

Everyone’s voice changed but some chosen ones got Adam’s apple. I didn’t get one and I still don’t have one.

Now I know, that it isn’t a big deal, but at that time it was a huge deal as you were not the part of the elite apple’s club, which even though sounds dumb, was totally a thing.

A Quest For Facial Hair:

The next visible change in puberty was facial hair. I was lucky enough to grow facial hair at 14. And even though it was invisible from far, you could see the shades up close.

This gave me a status of superiority amongst other guys who hadn’t. Which again, is really dumb, but was a thing back then.

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The other guys who hadn’t grown any facial hair were desperate to grow it as not having facial hair created a sense of inferiority that attacked their manhood.

I don’t know about other places but we had this rumor going that facial hair grows faster if you shave.

Everyone stole their father’s razor or came to my place to shave their face in a quest for growing facial hair quicker.

Accepting Puberty And Now Fighting It:

Most of the guys had to discover what puberty is on their own and also the changes that come along with it.

Although most of the changes they get are welcoming there are some which create major insecurity amongst guys and some things made them head for the tall timber.

Acne is a well-known side effect of puberty that guys try to get rid of through god knows how many weird techniques, some of which I remember hearing, but never tried, were applying Dettol on the acne and also applying toothpaste.

The worst problem guys had to face and which made us really insecure were unannounced erections in public.

Now that problem was something only guys knew they were going through at that moment and there was no way of controlling it.

It wasn’t considered a sensitive issue so weren’t excused from the classroom or any place just because life was hard at that moment for us.

And it wasn’t a problem we could have shared with anyone because there was no normal way to say it. So we had to just nonchalantly tuck our problems away without getting caught.

Even though we had our share of insecurities, it was really fun growing up and going through puberty as a guy because all the things we did going through puberty are either embarrassing or funny and often both.

Let us know any other insecurities you had entering ‘manhood’!

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