Celebrities from the world of Bollywood and cricket are consumed by the concept of NFTs. They are launching digital memorabilia as non-fungible tokens. Apparently, this is the new craze in India and everyone wants to benefit from this growing asset. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital certificates of authenticity that are attached to any form of digital art—this can be in any form, be it audio files, video clips, stickers, memes, tweets, and even this article that you’re reading, any form of digital art can make its creator a millionaire.  

NFTs use a blockchain that records the ownership of the items, as individuals can have several copies of the art but the original and authentic ownership will be just one, this is what makes NFTs different from the rest. These records are then stored on computers across the internet, making them public and impossible to lose or destroy. 

Their popularity has left many baffled as it makes very little sense to spend a large sum of money on something that can be viewed easily online.

With celebs entering the market, it’s an innovative way for fans from all around the world to own the NFT of their favorite Bollywood actor and also collectibles from their films. Fans tend to do crazy things for superstars.  

Here are a few celebrities who are trying their hand at NFTs. 

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Many more celebrities are planning to launch their own collection of NFTs. Let us know in the comment section, whose collection are you all waiting for the most. 

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