The 3rd track in Harry Styles’ new album ‘Fine Line’, came out on the 6th of December, 2019.

The song was much awaited for as Harry released the teaser of the song four days before the song’s release.

The subtlety of the trailer left the audience wondering about the rhythm of the song and what it really is about.

The Story Line Of The Song

The song opens with a narration which was a part of the teaser so released. The narration included the description of the imaginary island “Eroda” which is said to be a town of frowning people.

The dark setting portrayed the pessimistic approach of the people of the town; the mention of omens like – the sight of a “minister in the morning”, the act of mentioning a “pig in a fishermen’s club” and “whistling in the wind”.

The narration then brings us to the birth of a ‘peculiar’ child, which is Harry Styles, who’s smile blinded people. Resented by the townsmen, the boy lost his smile.

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On his way to drown himself, he happens to save a small fish, one that changes his life around. He spends the following time tending to the fish until the time when it became necessary for him to part with the fish which had now grown and wished to unite with its kind (in the sea).

Surprisingly, the townsmen helped the boy release the fish into the sea.

The narration returns this point forth stating that ever since then, the town became a happy place.

Meaning Behind The Setting

Eroda is “Adore” backwards which is the name of the song. The narration mentions that one mustn’t leave the town on odd days. This could refer to the fact that the album released on the 13th of December, an odd day.

The dull setting could refer to the world of today which is troubled by circumstances and has forgotten something as simple as a smile.

The boy is said to be peculiar. The pronunciation of the word ‘peculiar is akin to the pronunciation in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, it could refer to the hope of the same wonderland.

Harry Styles seems to be exploring the concept of the feeling of being out of place. The fish finds Harry when it is giving up on life, which was exactly what Harry was doing. The latter found solace in the fish and decided to take care of it.

The growing attachment between the fish and Harry could refer to one’s attachment to feeling out of place, the attachment to solace. In the end, Harry is shown to let go of the fish for its happiness.

There lies a very strong message in this action. The message lies in connection to the narration in the beginning – “But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbour.”

The fish found its ‘friends’ which raised the hope in Harry that he could find people that like him too. Which is probably why the sun shone after the fish united with his kind.

The Message Behind The Song

On watching the video of this song, I came to the conclusion that by name of the album, Harry is probably trying to tell us to search deeper into the meanings of each song.

“Adore You” speaks volumes on the feelings of Harry himself. In the beginning, he is shown to scream into jars and keep it aside a number of other jars.

It could be said that Harry had bottled up his emotions for years and it is through this album that he wishes people to know his feelings.

The act of wearing the helmet portrays his need to hide; fans interpret that maybe he has been hiding ever since he became a part of One Direction for his style of music is in stark contrast to that composed by One Direction.

With the music video symbolic on many levels, Harry Styles left it to us to interpret it. What do you think of “Adore You”? Let us know in the comments below.

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